WordPress SEO with Peter Mead (NEWBIE)

WordPress SEO with Peter Mead (NEWBIE)
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(In this episode, Kate chats with Peter Mead about WordPress SEO: why WordPress is a great platform, useful plugins, common pitfalls and essential fixes.


Tune in to learn:

  • What WordPress is and why it’s awesome
  • The pros and cons of Yoast
  • What Yoast does and how to use it
  • Other great WP plugins
  • How often should you update WordPress
  • The best way to handle Google AMP
  • The importance of resetting your permalinks
  • Common WordPress mistakes


About Peter


Peter Mead is a WordPress SEO consultant, based in Melbourne, with a passion for Digital Marketing and Growth Strategies. He is also a speaker and presenter for several industry groups and events. Peter is active in the SEO community, including the Melbourne SEO Meetup and Search Marketing Professionals.




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Take the next step

Ready to get started with SEO? Here are a few things you can try…


Take the next step

Ready to get started with SEO? Here are a few things you can try…


More training

In the podcast we mentioned changing your Permalinks. You’ll find a tutorial on how to do this right here.


Connect with Peter

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • You can meet Peter at the Melbourne SEO Meetup, at the Honey Bar, South Melbourne, every 1st Tuesday of the month at 6pm.


  1. Peter Mead

    Lovely to chat with you Kate. I thought I might clarify a little about open source. There are different kinds of open source of course. The GPL license I spoke about is here: https://wordpress.org/about/gpl/

    • Kate Toon

      Great add Peter, thanks very much 🙂