Usability and SEO: Optimising your website to nurture customers (NEWBIE)

Usability and SEO: Optimising your website to nurture customers (NEWBIE)

How to improve user experiences and convert more customers

In today’s episode we’re talking all about optimising your website to make it a better experience for your customers.

We know it’s important to rank number one, but what if when you hit the top spot, and the traffic starts coming it’s still not converting?

This could be to do with having a confusing website that the users struggles to understand.

According to Marketo 96% of customers who come to our website are not ready to buy? So in this episode we’re going to find out why and fix the problems.

Tune in to learn:

  • How user journeys work
  • Great tools to track your customers’ journey
  • Common user experience mistakes
  • Our tips on how to improve the user experience on your site
  • Which questions you should be asking your users

About Woj

Woj is passionate about creating innovative digital marketing strategies and remarkable online experiences. He is a strong advocate for digital as the most effective channel for brands to achieve their business, marketing and sales goals.

As founder and Head Honcho of Kwasi Studios, a vibrant and creative digital marketing company, Woj draws on considerable experience and expertise in digital marketing, social media, marketing automation, technical SEO and more to develop powerful strategies that grow many Australian and international brands online.

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