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I want you to love SEO as much as I do, that’s why I created this fun downloadable SEO Manifesto to why I’m such an SEO fan.

I’ve now helped over a 1000 large corporates, small businesses, bloggers and entrepeneurs grow more confident with SEO and boost their ranking, traffic and conversions with The Recipe for SEO Success eCourses.


I see this manifesto as a celebration of all things SEO!!




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  1. Tracy Raiteri

    I am so looking forward to getting into the ebook and updating my SEO skills. Your a great teacher and love how you make SEO interesting and fun.

    • Kate Toon

      Ah thanks hugely Tracey – I think SEO is CRAZY fun!! I just need to convince everyone else of that 🙂

      • Tracy Raiteri

        You’re making a good start 🙂

  2. Carla Dawson


    • Kate Toon

      Thanks old buddy! @c@carladawson:disqus

  3. Kelly O'Donnell

    Thanks Kate for all your wonderful tips.

    • Kate Toon

      Thanks for reading and sharing @@disqus_xJf7LJ9CZF:disqus