All these people are graduates of the Recipe course and also in my SEO MasterChefs membership. They be good people!

Kate Merryweather

SERVICES: Your website needs words. Good words that engage readers and please Google. I’m a Toon-approved SEO copywriter and member of the Clever Copywriting School. I have six years of experience writing website pages, SEO content and blogs for big, small and medium clients.
PHONE: 0406 993 464
OFFER: 10% off copywriting fees forI LOVE SEO members

Claudia Bouma

COMPANY NAME: Claudia Bouma Copywriter – A way with words
SERVICES: Trying to tame the Google dragon? As a SEO copywriter who’s learned the tricks of the trade from Google Master Kate, I take your website and transform it so your message is not only SEO-friendly, but also communicates loud and clearly.
PHONE: 0420 933 913
OFFER: 15% discount on all copywriting for I LOVE SEO members or add Tone of Voice Guide to any website package with a discount of $250

Caitlin Wright

COMPANY NAME: Caitlin Wright
SERVICES: I’m a Sydney based freelance journalist and SEO website copywriter. I can help with writing anything from blogs and press releases to entire websites.
PHONE: 0401236466
OFFER: 10% off forI LOVE SEO members

Ali Strachan

Company name: Ali Strachan, Copywriter
Services: Ali Strachan is an SEO-savvy copywriter who knows how to write tailored, spine-sizzling content for your creative rebel brand.
The words you use, do make a difference.
>You need content that shows your clients you know who they are, and what you’ve created has been made especially for them.
>You need content that starts conversations, that’s fun, easy to read and makes clients say ‘Hell yes!’ and pull out their wallet.
>You need a social media plan that makes people excited…
But you don’t have time to write it. Ali can help.
Get in touch to discuss your SEO website copy, blogging, social media or video script needs.
Phone: 0415 272 150
Offer: 10% off copywriting fees for Masterchef members


Adam Helman

COMPANY NAME: YourScope Consulting
SERVICES: WordPress business consultancy and agency. We’ll make your website *work* for your business. Services offered: website design and development, sales funnels, digital marketing, SEO and more.
PHONE: +44 (0) 20 3633 5332
OFFER: 10% off for I LOVE SEO members

Robyn Smart

COMPANY NAME: Smart Robbie
SERVICES: WordPress website design for small to medium-sized businesses. Additional services include Branding, Graphic Design, App Design, SEO Services.
PHONE: 0409130307
OFFER: 10% off for I LOVE SEO members

Jeremy Brown

COMPANY NAME: Freelancer / Independent Contractor
SERVICES: Website Design / Development / Support (specializing on WordPress) as well as On-site or Technical SEO.
PHONE: 1-240-447-8922
OFFER: 10% off for Kate’s students & Masterchef members

Josie Brown

COMPANY NAME: Josie Brown Web Design
SERVICES: Creating and maintaining WordPress websites for small businesses. All of my websites are responsive and built with Security and SEO in mind. If you already have a website that you love, I can help to make changes, add plugins or recover from hacking.
PHONE: 0411485431
OFFER: $100 off any full website package or $50 off other services for I LOVE SEO members

Tony Cosentino

COMPANY NAME: Tony Cosentino | The WordPress Guy
SERVICES: I’ve been building WP websites since 2008 and can help you build a new site, speed up your existing website, SEO optimise, fix up plugins, update themes, migrate sites, manage general back-ups and security, connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console. I also offer virtual training and monthly support packages.
PHONE: 0407 156 210
OFFER: $100 off any full website package or $50 off other services for I LOVE SEO members

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