SPEED: How to speed up your sluggish website with Vahe Arabian (TECHIE)

SPEED: How to speed up your sluggish website with Vahe Arabian (TECHIE)
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Create faster site that Google can’t help but love


We all know the feeling as we wait, and wait, (and sometimes wait some more) for the page to load. Do we hang around or do we click away and find a faster site?
Well Google feels the same way, the school of thought is that while Google doesn’t reward faster sites, it probably doesn’t give slow sites a whole lot of love and this could see them slipping down the ranks.

In this episode I chat with Vahe about simple tips we can use to speed up our lazy old websites.


Tune in to learn:

  • Why having a fast site is important?
  • What is the impact of having a slow site
  • What is a fair load time benchmark for a small business website
  • Which Content Management System is the fastest
  • Our favourite speed testing tools
  • What is caching and how to does it help
  • How to reduce server response time


About Vahe


Vahe Arabian is the Founder of State of Digital Publishing and Head of Research & Strategy at Online Marketing Gurus, Vahe has been with the SEO industry for 8 years, specialising in research & strategy (content strategy, link building and technical marketing), where he regularly troubleshoots campaigns, formulates new plans and processes in order to help others achieve their goals and spend less time collating data.



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  1. Hazel

    Hi Kate,
    Thanks for this podcast so informative. Some of the problems you recommend using a web developer, do you have anyone you can recommend for this?

    • Kate Toon

      Hi @disqus_LPC33w7LHv:disqus the person I recommend is Marco Gatta from http://technique.com.au/