Super simple SEO tips in just six minutes

Super simple SEO tips in just six minutes
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Easy peasy delicious SEO tips


I know you want your site to rank well.

I know you want targeted traffic to turn up to your site and convert like crazy.

I know you’d love to learn more about SEO but there’s just SO MUCH to learn.

That’s why I’ve pulled together these six super simple SEO tactics that will have a big impact on your on page SEO.


Tip 1: Cleaner, meaner URL’S

Google loves URL’S that short and descriptive.

  • Be sure to use your target keyword phrase in your URL or at the very least, words that effectively describe the page.
  • Remove all those wiggly symbols and numbers (if you’re using WordPress you can do this in Settings > Permalinks)


So instead of a URL that looks like this:

Go with something like:


Tip 2: Neater, sweeter Title tags

You probably already know it’s a good idea to include your keywords in your title tag, and keep that title tag to about 55ish characters including spaces. But it’s also a good idea to place your chosen keyword phrase at the start of the title tag.

So if your keyword is ‘piglet jumpers’ don’t go with:

Wooliesnouts: Beautiful pig pullovers online and piglet jumpers

Go with something like:

Piglet jumpers from Wooliesnouts


Tip 3: Longer, stronger posts

Although you probably think that shorter posts do well online (I mean who has the time to read these days, right), the truth is that all of my most successful posts have been over 1000 words.

It’s also my longer, more comprehensive, exhaustive guides and how to articles that get the most shares, comments and link backs.

So rather than pumping out thin, short, Google fodder type posts on a weekly basis, I recommend posting, more substantial posts once a month (or more if you have the time).

These days Google rewards the best content, not the newest, so frequently posting crappy content is not the answer!


Tip 4: More link love

You may be thinking that linking to other websites in your posts will just take traffic away. But think again. Google (and us humans too) prefer sites that are helpful and packed with information. We prefer sites that take us on a journey and provide us with a next step.

That’s why I recommend linking to authoritative sites and resources in your blog posts. Make sure they’re relevant to your industry and ensure they truly are awesome, useful websites.

For every person you may lose to another site (but remember if you launch the links in a new window, your site will still be there underneath)  – you’ll earn more Google love and more SEO traffic.


Tip 5: Speed it up baby

I believe site speed is an important on-page factor for websites and while a fast site might not improve your ranking, but a slow site may drag you down.

Slow page load time is one of the biggest complaints of web users, and if your audience has to wait too long they’ll go elsewhere. Just shaving a few seconds off your speed can give your SEO a boost. You can test your speed here, checkout out Google™’s developer tutorials for tips on how to make your website and server run faster, and receive SMS alerts when your website is down with a website monitoring tool.


Tip 6: Handle your H1


h1 graphic


I’m betting you already knew that it’s important to use your chosen keyword in your post or page title.

(But remember, only if it fits naturally; remember a clickable headline beats a keyword stuff headline every time)

The H1 tag is your ‘headline tag’ and plays an important role in on-page SEO. Some Content Management Systems like WordPress automatically add the H1 to your post title, but some themes override this setting.

Check your site’s code to make sure your title gets the H1 love it needs.

You can check this by right clicking on your webpage and choosing ‘View source’. Once you can see the page’s source code, use Ctrl F to find your H1 tag.

If your theme is changing your title to a H2 tag, you might have to speak to a developer to fix it up.


On-page SEO is just the start

I believe that any SEO strategy needs solid foundations, and that means ensuring your site is technically sound and that you’ve followed all the important on-page SEO guidelines.


Over to you

Have you tried any of these on-page SEO tactics? Have you noticed a difference in your SEO performance? Tell me more!


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