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You know that getting to grips with Google is essential to your business. But the thought of dipping your toe in the Search Engine Optimisation pond fills you with dread.
You’ve probably been avoiding SEO for one of four main reasons:

You feel it’s too technical for you to grasp.
You’re worried that SEO changes all the time and you’ll never keep up.
You’re confused by all the conflicting information you’ve found online.
You fear you don’t have time to do it yourself or the money to pay an expert.

You need SEO Nibbles.

This easy mini course will boost your confidence and get your started on your Googley journey.

After completing this 100% free mini-course you’ll have:

  • A sound understanding of how SEO works
  • The confidence you need to embark on your SEO journey
  • SEO explained in a non-jargony, easy-peasy way
  • Clever expert tactics that can boost your confidence (and hopefully your ranking)
  • Regular videos answering questions from the community

You’ll receive an email each day (for three days) with an entertaining, educational tutorial and a practical exercise to complete – and can access videos and resources to bolster your understanding.
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The Google Nibbles training was totally mind-blowing!!!

“I got so much out of this and I wanted to thank you so much for being so generous and so helpful. I’ve also got so much out of the outstanding resources that I received via your emails and on your websites. They have helped me immensely even after only a tiny space of time. You are such a beacon of light in the internet darkness. Thanks again for adding such a limitless amount of value and being so generous.”

Annemaree Jensen

Thanks for your SEO Nibbles Course, Kate. I appreciate the opportunity to learn/absorb the basics.

“SEO/website knowledge often overwhelms me, it’s so important but there’s so much information on the topic etc. So it’s a relief to find someone who understands that and from whom I can learn the key principles.”

Richard Andrews


Firstly, thank you so much for your freebie SEO nibbles program.

“I am a newbie to all this…I run a real estate agency over in Perth and sweet be-jeeeesus I have so much to learn in this space…I had no clue about all this important SEO business. I just wanted to reach out to say….THANK YOU SO MUCH….I binged both days 1 and 2 on day 3 of our 3-day lockdown over here in Perth and holy moly it was so insightful.

I am going to digest everything that I have learnt thus far (I will pull myself away from the keyword rank checker as my non-existent score can only get better from here). Thank you for making a frightfully intimidating topic really interesting and engaging. I have so much to learn about this space and so looking forward to day 3!”

Nadija Begovich

The Perth Property Co

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