SEO TOOLS: The good, the bad and the crappy! With Aidan McCarthy (TECHIE)

SEO TOOLS: The good, the bad and the crappy! With Aidan McCarthy (TECHIE)
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Which is the best tool for small business DIY SEOers?


In today’s episode we are taking a look at some of the popular SEO tools on the market. Not with our SEO Consultant hats on but with our small business hats on.

Good SEO tools don’t come cheap and as a small business owner, trying to either manage their own SEO or at least take an interest in what their SEO agency is up to, it can be hard to decide which tool is best.

Today we’re going to look at the pros and cons of each tool and the cost involved, to help you make more informed decisions.


Tune in to learn:

  • Which tools are the best for keyword research
  • Our favourite tech analysis tool
  • The best backlink tool
  • The overall winner of our fave SEO tool discussion

About Aidan


Aidan has been in SEO since before Google and is a certified Google AdWords Partner. He does SEO and AdWords management for SMEs and advises on online marketing strategy through his business Adsurf.




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