Should I complete the meta keywords tag?

Should I complete the meta keywords tag?
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The next in my series of short and snappy SEO question and answer blogs: this one from Lisa, a photographer who is building her site in Wix.


SEO question:

Should I complete the meta keywords tag?


Short answer:

Probably not.


Long answer:

The meta keywords tag is part of the meta information that sits at the top of every web page and describes the page content.

If you’re using Wordpress and a plugin like ‘All in one SEO’, or ‘SEO by Yoast’ you’ll see there are areas for you to complete the page title, meta description and the meta keywords. But should you?

Back in 2009, Matt Cutts posted this video on YouTube, explaining that Google doesn’t use the keywords tag in web ranking.



The other engines may look at keywords, but they only have a tiny market share in Australia.

If you do want to include keywords in the meta keywords tag, then limit them to ten per page, and only use words that actually appear at least once on the page, for example, don’t use the keyword ‘purple piglet’ unless it’s written on the page somewhere.

In summary, my advice is, complete the meta keywords tag if you want, but don’t fret about it.

But no, personally I don’t believe they are necessary. My site has no meta keywords on any pages and hasn’t for years.

I made it to number one on Google for the single term ‘copywriter’ without them. Nuff said?


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