Want to build your own SEO friendly Wordpress website?

An easy peasy, step-by-step guide to setting up your own

sexy SEO WordPress website.

Build a site that pleases Humans and the Google Gods

Build a site that pleases Humans

In this course, we’re going to cut to the chase. No long waffly presentations debating the WHYs but rather a comprehensive guide to the HOWs and the WHATs.

This course is about learning, but it’s also about DOING.

And by end of the course, you’ll have a fully functioning, professional WordPress website that ticks all the SEO boxes.

Are you a total WordPress noob? Don’t worry.

This course does not require ANY previous WordPress knowledge. Nope, not even one teeny tiny morsel.

Even my mum could do it, and she’s scared of pressing the wrong button on my tumble dryer.

What does the course include?

4 hours of training
113 Links, plugins and resources

Planning your site

Learn how to structure your website for humans and Google


Site migrations

Understand the 5 different types of site migration and how to migrate your old website


Choosing your domain

How to choose an SEO-friendly domain for your website

Knife and fork

Choosing your host

How to find a speedy, reliable and secure SEO-friendly hosting company


Installing WordPress

How to safely, easily and quickly install WordPress


Sorting your settings

How to master all the important WordPress SEO settings


Installing your theme

How to choose and install an easy to use, SEO-friendly WordPress theme


Choosing your plugins

Learn which are the best and safest plugins to boost your SEO

rolling pin

Complete guide to Yoast

A complete guide on how to tackle all the Yoast settings for maximum SEO results


Google Search Console

Verifying your site on Google Search Console


Sorting your structure

Adding a menu and widget to your website

Oven mitts

Adding your first pages

Learn how to add pages to your site and create a contact form

Chef with utensils

Adding your first post

How to add your first blog post and choose your blog categories.


Adding your first images

How to add images the right way for maximum SEO goodness


Amazing, useful DIY expert templates to
help you on your SEO Journey.

How to set up an SEO-Friendly WordPress Website Checklist

How to set up an SEO-Friendly WordPress Website Checklist

A handy checklist to keep you on track while you build your site.

Site Planner Spreadsheet

Site Planner Spreadsheet

Plan out your site page names, URLs, meta descriptions and more.

Website Redesign and Site Migration Checklist

Website Redesign and Site Migration Checklist

Stay on track as you move platforms.

Ten-minute Toon Review - Kate Toon

Free 10-minute Toon review

After you’ve built your site, simply shoot me an email and I’ll give you a free comprehensive 10 minute Toon review. I’ll tell you:

  • everything I’d fix up including copy
  • usability
  • design
  • conversion optimisation
  • and of course, SEO

You’ll also get the opportunity to be featured in our website gallery below.

Who is the course for?

Small business owners

Learn how to build your own website or check your developer has done a good job

WordPress developers

Be sure the websites you’re building tick all the SEO boxes

Virtual Assistants

Add another string to your bow and help your clients optimise their websites


Create an SEO-friendly blog site that gets your post seen by more eager readers

Why should you buy this course?

I know there are heaps of other WordPress courses out there. Heaps.
But the thing that’s always missing is the SEO part.

Some folk act as if SEO is something that’s done when the site is built, but that’s HELLA WRONG. SEO is something that should be considered from the first click!

I’ve had over 1,461 people pass through my 7-module Recipe for SEO Success course and over 1,205 take my 10 Day SEO Challenge and even though most of those people had paid a professional to build their WordPress site – not a single one was error free.

It’s simple. Without solid SEO, your site will never rank well on Google or other Search Engines.

Psst: The other thing I’ve noticed is that so many of those courses are 100% YAWN. I promise you’ll actually enjoy doing this course.

Please note: this course is aimed at those building a new site, rather than migrating an old site.

Real results

There are plenty of courses out there promising to give you the best results.

It’s then your job to ‘um’ and ‘aah’ over if these courses will fulfil their promises.

In this course, you don’t.

This course has been designed from the ground up to give you the results you need.

As proof, this is the exact post one of our students shared, thrilled their hard work is paying off and turning into real results, real leads.

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.


Who created this course?

Kate Toon

This course was created by Kate who is an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with over two decades of experience in all things advertising and digital.  She’s helped countless small businesses and huge corporates like Kmart, Curash, The RTA, O’brien Glass, Pedigree Chum and more improve their ranking, traffic and conversions. She offers no-nonsense SEO advice and practical tactics that get results fast.

Tony Cosentino

Tony has been developing and building with WordPress for 10 years now in the SMB space as a freelancer based in Sydney. He’s spoken at conferences around the world and taught countless people how to build and maintain their sites. His focus is on security, reliability and easy site maintenance.

At last count 574 people have taken this course

Real Testimonials

Kate’s WordPress course is the most un-boring website building course you will ever do.

“She holds your hand through every stage of the process, explaining complex technical concepts in a way anyone can understand (and follow!).

Her trademark fun and cheeky teaching style make even the driest of topics enjoyable and easy to follow.

You’ll surprise yourself with what you can achieve following Kate’s methods (even if you’re not tech-inclined!) and this training will give you valuable knowledge and skills that are transferable to any business with the potential to impact your bottom line quickly.”

Nina Christian


My website traffic has grown steadily, and this month I topped 7,400 visitors.

“Once upon a time I had a website. It was rubbish. It was time to rebuild the site – this time using WordPress. Having done Kate’s big course, I knew her SEO-Friendly WordPress site course would brilliant. I wasn’t disappointed. It took me around 3-4 hours to build my new site. It looks great, is fast to load, easy to update and most importantly, is getting visits! Twelve months ago, I was lucky to have 100 visitors to my site a month. Since doing the course, my website traffic has grown steadily, and this month I topped 7,400 visitors. Kate’s an incredible teacher, makes the complex simple, and the lifetime access means I can always check back in.”

Elyssia Clark

The Research Toolkit

I just completed the course and it was so incredibly helpful.

“I’d actually taken the initial steps of buying a domain and starting to play about with Divi thinking I just needed to install Yoast at some point (somehow) and I’d be good to go. Oh, how wrong I was. So many steps that were missing but that I was easily able to set right after learning about them. Definitely feel much more confident about setting up WP sites for myself and clients.”

Jennifer Long

Seven Hats

I had a wordpress website with divi when I first did the wordpress course.

“I decided to change domain names and wanted to rework my site. But I wasn’t in a position to outsource it.

The wordpress course gave me the knowhow to rebuild my site from scratch. Being able to DIY the basics but know when and how to outsource to a developer like Tony, when I can’t be faffed, is great. I would rather focus
on the content then the backend, but it’s good to have an understanding of it.”

Kirsty Bishop-Fox

Sustainability Pathways

I’ve started enjoying this course and I’ve learned sooooooo much.

“The videos I watched are easy to follow, make sense and take the guessing out of setting up a website. Your detailed information has boosted my confidence to the point where I’m starting to look forward to play with my own website – thanks so much.  I also feel better equipped to help my clients with their websites.”

Claudia Bouma


I’m now confident in managing my own site.

If you want an SEO friendly website but don’t have the funds to pay a developer yet – do this course! Using a simple step-by-step structure with videos, this course covers everything from domain name set-up and hosting right through to the design elements. Kate explains things clearly, covers things you didn’t even know you had to consider and you even get a free review at the end of it.  I’m now confident in managing my own site, but also confident in what to look out for when choosing a web developer for when I need to outsource.

Diana Iappolo

Ignite Content

Moving from Wix to WordPress was a daunting task but Kate’s course took me through it step by step.

“Moving from Wix to WordPress was a daunting task but Kate’s course took me through it step by step. I have a brand-spanking new website that ticks the design boxes, is SEO friendly and that I have full control over. PLUS I didn’t have to re-mortgage my home to pay a web developer to set it up for me. TOTALLY RECOMMEND!”

Dominique Kimber

Social Swell

By following Kate’s simple to understand video tutorials and step by step guide, I know I have created a seo-friendly site from the start.

“In my marketing day job, I have been updating websites that use a custom CMS for many years. So I figured I knew my way around a website pretty well.

Having already signed up for the Recipe for SEO Success course, I decided at the last minute to add on how to set up an SEO friendly site as well.

Boy am I glad I did!

The process of setting up my freelance marketing and copywriting website became so much easier. I stopped thinking of it as a big scary project that I didn’t have time for. 

Being able to follow along step by step was invaluable. I would literally pause the video, do the thing I needed to do, and move on to the next task. Getting the inside scoop on the plug-ins and products that Kate uses herself was super handy. Saved me hours of trying out different ones till I found ‘the one’.

Not only have a created a website that I love, I also know it has been built on the right foundations to help me rank in search engine.

Catherine Fowler

Have completed Kate’s Wordpress SEO course recently and it has totally transformed my approach to website building.

“I can honestly say, after 15 years in business it has been the best investment I have ever made. Kate’s explains techy things in basic English – it is truely SO refreshing – I even find her voice soothing. My new site ranks high (1-3) on page 1 for all my keywords! Feeling confident about my SEO future! Thanks to Kate for this wonderful course.”

Renee Weaver

The proof that Kate’s courses work are in their results!

“I have taken a couple of Kate’s courses now and recently completed “How to set up an SEO-friendly WordPress website” course as I wanted to build my own website. Kate has a very relaxed and easy style of teaching. It’s straightforward and taught in a way that those that are IT challenged (like me) can understand and follow. I would also recommend it as a course to take if you are engaging a designer to build a site for you. The course gives you the knowledge to ask the right questions and also ensure you’re getting all the tools you need to make an awesome website, that people can actually find! I have implemented a number of changes to another site I have and have already seen an improvement.”



It’s been several years since I completed two of Kate’s courses. How to set up an SEO-friendly WordPress website and The Recipe for SEO Success.

They have proved invaluable.

The content and delivery is spot on. You learn through a series of easy-to-follow tutorials and Kate’s style is warm and engaging. This really helps when the content itself gets a little technical. I have referred to both the video tutorials and the notes countless times over the years and know I will continue to do so. Lifetime access to the course material is amazing, especially when it includes all the latest updates.

Even though it’s ideal to complete the courses when you can dedicate a solid chunk of time to it that’s not always possible and shouldn’t put you off if you’re juggling. I navigated through these courses with three very small children, a fledgling business and an overseas move. The joy is that you can do it at your own pace and in whatever time you manage to carve out for yourself.

The way I’ve implemented this knowledge has also changed over the years. Initially, I was a service provider, writing content and building sites for clients. These courses were fundamental to successfully running my business in both Australia and Ireland.

I recently decided to ditch the client work to focus solely on our own business, a Bed & Breakfast. Building my own website has saved me a fortune. I shudder to think how much I would be paying someone if I had to outsource every minor tweak and edit. And I get immense joy from writing my own SEO-friendly copy when I see it bringing traffic to our site and guests to our door.

Thank you Kate and the team.

Jen Long

Inveraray Farm

Ready to build an SEO-Friendly WordPress site?

Displayed Price is GST inclusive where applicable.

Your questions answered

Why should I build my site in WordPress?

There are many website builders available (also known as Content Management Systems), but I recommend using self-hosted WordPress as your website platform. WordPress powers around 35% of all websites on the internet. We use it for all our sites and client sites. It’s awesome.

Some other sites that use it include: Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, CNN, eBay, and more.

While WordPress isn’t SEO friendly out of the box, it’s super easy to make it SEO friendly. This is where it really differs from some of the other platforms available. You don’t need to be a technical genius to make Google love your WordPress website.

WordPress is also free and comes with thousands of website designs (known as themes) and clever extensions (known as plugins). It’s also super flexible and integrates with heaps of other third-party platforms.

Does the course teach how to set up a WordPress.com or WordPress.org site?
The course focuses on WordPress.org or self-hosted sites. Here’s why:


• For 95% of users, it makes more sense to use WordPress.org, also known as self-hosted WordPress
• It’s free
• You’re in control – you have full control of your data.
• You can upload and use plugins (WordPress.com allows several plugins but they are often limited versions)
• You can upload custom themes and modify theme files (not just the look and feel) if needed
• You can make money from it by using your own ads, and doing things your way
• You can have custom analytics and tracking.

The interfaces for both sites are very similar and both are easy to use with a bit of training.

How much money will this course save me?
Asking ‘how much does a website cost?’ is a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question.
The answer depends on what kind of website you are trying to build – how complicated it is, does it have a shop, what apps do you need to integrate, what support do you need – the list goes on.


But for a small business website in Australia, costs tend to range from $800 – $10,000. And just as the cost varies, so does the quality.
We recommend starting small – getting the foundations set up and then you can always add to your site later down the track.

How long will it take to set up my WordPress site with your course?

We’re confident you’ll be all done and dusted with set up in about 6-8 hours. Of course it will take longer to add in all your content – depending on how much you have.

I’m not technical at all can I still do the course?

Kate: “When I built my first WordPress site 10 years ago, I had no clue what I was doing, and even then I managed to create a professional site in less than a day. If I can do it, you can do it too.”

However if you do get stuck you now have one of Australia’s most respected WordPress developers, Tony Cosentino (know as The WordPress Guy) on hand to help with problems.*

* At an additional cost.

I want to build an ecommerce website - will this course help?

We recommend building your shop with WordPress and the Woocommerce plugins – that’s the combination we use on all of our sites. This course covers the WordPress side of this set up – but not the Woocommerce side. However, if you decide to install Woocommerce you’ll find their support and tutorials are out of this world

Are there any extra costs?
Yes, you’ll have to pay for your own hosting, domain and WordPress theme.


Also, there may be costs involved if you decide to buy additional WordPress plugins, but most have a free version that you can try out first.

Does the course come with coaching or support?

No. This is a self-guided course. There are FAQs within it however and you can head to the I LOVE SEO group for extra support.
We’re afraid we cannot answer individual questions via email.

What if I get stuck?
If you do get into technical difficulties, we have a support team ready to help you, but please note that any fixes required are not included in the course price.
What things should I consider before choosing WordPress?

With any self-hosted website platform there are a few things to consider:
• You will have pay for a domain name and hosting, but these can be relatively inexpensive.
(The course explains how to do this and provides recommended trusted suppliers)

You are responsible for:

o Updates – but most can be done with one click.
o Site security – but we’ll recommend plugins for this.
o Back-ups – but there are heaps of good plugins for this too.

Can you help me migrate my site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org?

Yes we’ve included advice in the course on how to move from .com to org.

Can the course help me migrate my site from another platform?

The course is aimed at those starting from scratch but yes we’ve also included information on how to migrate:

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Theme
  4. Http to https
  5. CMS

However, we will add that site migrations are tough and you may need additional coaching or support from one of our WordPress experts. 

Does this course cover how to choose keywords, how to write SEO copy and other aspects of SEO?

No. The course covers ONLY the setup of your site and all the elements outlined above. If you want to step into the full world of SEO consider signing up to the 7-Module Recipe for SEO Success course.

How long on average does it take to complete the course?
It depends on how much you’ve done already, how keen you are, how distracted you are (kids, dogs, etc), how big your site is and how computer savvy you are.

An example would be a 5-page site starting from scratch, copy already written – I’d say you could have your site up and coded in about 6 – 8 hours.

I see you’re in Australia, I’m not, will the course be relevant to me?
Yes, there is no Australian specific content in the course, it’s globally doable.
How long do I have access for?

You’ll be granted one year’s access from the purchase date to all course materials. Plenty of time to work through the content as I know that life sometimes gets in the way.

What are the terms and conditions?

If you would like to know the terms and conditions that apply to your purchase, especially regarding your rights and responsibilities, you are welcome to review those here.

Additional costs

My goal is to help you build your site on the lowest possible budget but you will need to buy a domain, name, hosting, SSL and possibly a paid WordPress theme and plugins.

You’ll need to register a domain name- the address where users will find your site. I’ll show you the best place to buy domains and which extensions you need to buy.

COST: Approx. AU$20 per year

You’ll need to buy some hosting to store your website so people can access it on the interwebs.  I’ll give you a step by step guide to choosing the most SEO friendly hosting environment.

COST: Approx. AU$180 per year

An SSL Certificate is essential you can generally get these free through your hosting company.

COST: Free (with Siteground)

You’ll need to install WordPress the content management software that powers your website. Don’t worry it’s really straight forward and I’ll step you through it.

COST: Approx. Free

Additional Plugins such as BackUp Buddy and WordFence, to keep your site secure and backed up incase of hackers.

COST: Free (or approx. $US80 each per year).

A theme that works with WordPress to add design and functionality. While you can build a great site with a free theme you may want to choose a paid theme.  I’ll give you my recommendations for the most SEO friendly theme.

COST: Free (or approx. $US89 per year)

Site Gallery

These great sites were built by students of this course.

Ready to build an SEO-Friendly WordPress site?

Displayed Price is GST inclusive where applicable.
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