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Dedicated personal support


Q&A sessions


Monthly coaching



Amazing support for your SEO journey, plus monthly coaching calls and training.

SEO support calls

You’ve started your SEO journey and are making great progress but you’d love to have a little extra support − someone to turn to when things get tricky, a source of truth to bust all those SEO myths. In SEO Masterchefs you’ll have access to monthly group support calls – where Kate will quickly identify potential issues, answer your individual questions and even jump into your site to fix problems.

Online training

We’re building a growing membership training portal with the most up-to-date resources and training, from beginner to advanced SEO strategies. You’re joining at the ground level (hence the reduced price) so you get to help decide which content Kate and her team produce. Please note: This is different to the SEO courses provided by Kate.


This supportive and helpful community is here to help you with your continued SEO success and includes:

  • Direct support for your SEO journey from Kate and her team
  • Access to one monthly support coaching call (1 hour – run via Zoom)
  • Monthly group Q&A / training sessions with SEO experts
  • 20% discount on all future Recipe courses, products and events
  • Regular live site audits
  • Regular SEO hacks, tools and tips
  • Regular SEO news and trends updates
  • 10% discount on all Clever Copywriting School products and membership

Private support community

Ask your SEO questions, troubleshoot and get feedback on your ideas in a highly supportive and responsive Facebook Group.

You’ll have contact with peers and industry experts to help you stay on top of the latest hacks, tips and tricks in the SEO world.

Friendly SEO coaching calls


The SEO Masterchefs is great for you if…

  • You’ve completed the Recipe for SEO Success course and want to continue your learning
  • You’ve finished the course early and need some more support
  • You’re an SEO copywriter or SEO developer who wants to stay up to date on trends
  • You don’t want to pay an expensive SEO consultant to manage your site
  • You’re interested in white hat techniques (no black hat techniques here)



The group is not aimed at SEO Consultants or SEO Trainers.


This is a hands on group, where Kate will take a personal interest in your site and help you work out how to master your ongoing SEO success.

Her reviews include:

  • Advice and tips on usability and information achiecture
  • Solid copywriting and conversion optimisation advice
  • Technical SEO appraisal and bug fixes
  • Mobile optimisation guidelines
  • Ecommerce store tips and trends.

Amazing support team

I’ve gathered together some of Australia’s favourite digital marketing experts to help support you.


Kate Toon is our Head Chef, brimming with SEO know how from teaching over 4000 small businesses, bloggers and ecommerce store owners how to DIY their SEO

Facebook Guru: Loren Bartley

Loren Bartley is a Social Media Strategist with a passion for helping businesses grow using the power of social media in conjunction with lifecycle marketing automation.

Digital Marketing Guru: Shannon Morrison

Shannon is an authentic digital marketing specialist snack. Made up of a 1⁄4 serve of content writer, 1⁄2 cup web designer and 1 full dollop of social media guru‐ness. Comes with extra sassiness and humour.

WordPress Guru: Marco Gatta

Marco Gatta from Technique Interactive has been in the digital industry for over 20 years and has worked with some of the world’s largest agencies including Ogivly and Lowe Lintas and global brands such as Nestle, Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), Nokia, Telstra, IBM and more.

AdWords Guru: Melinda Samson

Melinda Samson, co-owner of Click-Winning Content, is a Premier Google Partner and Google AdWords & Analytics Consultant, Speaker and Trainer. She works with Australian businesses and organisations to increase their leads and sales, and is committed to never using an acronym without explaining it first.

Outsourcing Guru: Leanne Woff

With over 13 years’ experience, Leanne is an award-winning online business manager, a bookkeeper, an avid business networker, a systems junkie, a digital lover, and a mother of two sets of twins all under four who NEVER fails at spilling her coffee! She works with corporates and superstars who run hectic businesses or even multiple businesses, starting with your basic administration and working through to your bookkeeping.

SEO Helper: Ruth Slade

Ruth specialises in digital marketing especially all things SEO. After operating an ecommerce store for more than 10 years Ruth made the switch to launching her own digital marketing brand. Ruth is passionate about ensuring small business owners understand their website. And knows how important an SEO optimised site is.

SEO Helper: Cath Fowler

Cath Fowler loves SEO and copywriting almost as much as she loves her two cheeky daughters. She is an experienced digital marketer and copywriter that specialises in turning complex jargon-filled topics into copy that connects and builds trust.

WordPress Guru: Jasmine Andrews

Jasmine Andrews has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of roles across publishing, IT, communications and training for government departments, bluechip companies and independent businesses.

She’s the owner of The WP Lounge, which provides training and support to online businesses built on WordPress, along with cost-effective website packages for startups and sole traders.


My tried and tested SEO methodology delivers real results for small businesses and corporates. I could throw some stats at you, but instead let me give you a real example. Try Googling ‘SEO Copywriter” – be sure you search in incognito mode. If you’re not in Sydney try Googling ‘SEO Copywriter Sydney’. You’ll see that my copywriting website occupies the top local spot and the top two organics. After that you’ll see:

  • Local pack 2: Casey Elmer Copywriting – my SEO student.
  • Position 3: Sarah Morton – my SEO student.
  • Position 4: Casey Elmer Copywriting – my SEO student.
  • Position 7: Melinda Leyshon – my SEO student.
  • Position 8: Libby Hakim – my SEO student.
  • Position 10: Rebecca Christensen – my SEO student.

So, out of 12 possible organic spots, me and my peeps got 9. Proof that the course works – even if I am building my students up to steal my top spot!


I’ve worked in advertising for nearly two decades in some of the biggest ad agencies (think Ogilvy and the like). About six years ago, when I happily found myself ‘with child’, I realised I could either stay in the agency world and never see my son, or give it all up. As a contractor I suddenly found myself five months pregnant, out of a job, and with no maternity leave pay. Eeeep! But then I had an idea. Why not set myself up as a copywriter? My husband had just set up his own business with my help, so I thought “Hey, why not me?” I built myself a little WordPress website and waited for the work to flood in. There was just one problem, or rather about 20,000 of them. When I typed ‘copywriter’ into Google, oodles and oodles of other copywriters appeared. How could I:

  • Make my website appear at the top of the rankings?
  • Blast my competitors out of the Google ocean?
  • Get willing customers to visit my site and buy my services?

The only way to boost my business was to get my head around the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation. So I did. I now rank on the first page for more than 160 different keywords. (But hey, who’s counting?) I’m in the top three for 114 terms, and recently ranked number one for the term ‘Copywriter’ on Google.com.au. (If you’re not impressed then you should be. It’s bloody hard to rank well for a single term.) And I did it all:

  • With little (or no) budget and no outside help.
  • While being the primary breadwinner in our family and having to spend most of my time earning money.
  • As a sleep-deprived mum with a toddler to care for, a dog to walk, a house to clean, meals to cook, and a husband to occasionally grunt at.

(I even found a little ‘me’ time along the way to run a marathon and publish a book, or two. If I can do it, so can you.) Since then I’ve helped big corporates and many small businesses win the SEO war. I’ve written SEO-friendly copy, created engaging content, technically audited a few hundred websites, and run heaps of training workshops. I’ve survived website hacks, damaging reviews from competitors, algorithm updates, writer’s block, negative SEO campaigns and more. Which means I’m perfectly placed to tell you all my SEO secrets. So let’s get started.


Once again Kate delivers above expectations with the SEO masterchefs group. Being able to ask questions and bounce ideas around is great. Kate shares up to date information and encourages accountability on implementing learnings.

Amy Wyhoon

SugarPop Social

As with everything Kate does, the SEO Masterchefs group overdelivers on all fronts. Great community, loads of up-to-date information, and support and accountability to DO stuff on our quest to conquer google!

Jenny De Lacy

The Visibility Coach

It’s been just a few short weeks since I joined SEO Masterchefs and I’m so glad I did. I’ve already learnt so many new SEO things and been able to quickly fix a problem that was bugging me on my site. The group is filled with lots of helpful SEO lovers, and as always, Kate gives her knowledge and advice generously.

Johanna Kohler

Compelling Copy

Yet again Kate delivers the goods. The SEO Masterchefs group is an invaluable source when it comes to SEO. Tools, tips and support is delivered daily and I have already seen a return on investment since joining.

Mitchell Beattie


SEO is a foreign language to me. Being part of the Masterchefs’ group encourages me to keep learning and apply what I’ve learned. Knowing there are experts available to answer my questions makes learning SEO so much easier.

Jody Carey

Copywriting Port Macquarie

Joining the SEO Masterchefs group has been game changing for my business. Not only does it help me be more accountable for my site and help it realise its SEO potential, but it the lessons and information are delivered in an easy to understand way. This tech novice is actually managing to get results and it’s all thanks to being part of this fab SEO community!

Donna Webeck

Prestige Property Copy

I have experienced a ten position jump in rankings since I joined just weeks ago. As a copywriter, it’s easy to focus on clients first and neglect my own SEO. This group keeps me accountable and helps me make SEO a priority each week. I highly recommend this group to anyone wanting to improve their SEO knowledge and results. Onya Kate Toon!

Kate Merryweather

Dotcom Words

This group materialized at exactly the right time for me. My company’s website just came live and I’m currently working on improving SEO. Only when I started to implement the learnings of the big course I realized I had a million questions to ask. I really don’t know where I would have found the answers to my very specific questions if it wasn’t for this group, Kate and the other experts. They are so helpful and prompt it almost feels like my personal SEO helpline! Highly recommended!

Crystal Wong

Mint Kitchen Group

I’ve been really surprised at the amount of content and support provided in the SEO Masterchefs group from Kate and the other lovely members who are all helping each other out.

It’s given me the push to make positive SEO changes to my site and keep me accountable. I am really pleased to be part of this new community.

Alexandra Moates

Switch Fox

I am so glad that I have joined the Masterchefs group. It is such good value to have access to Kate and other SEO and digital experts to answer questions. I am truly loving being in this group.

Krystala Charalambou


Having completed all of Kate’s SEO courses and producing some wonderful results for my clients I didn’t want to miss out on a group that focused purely on SEO. I want to keep doing good work for my clients and joining the Masterchefs group was a no-brainer for me and my business.

Rashida Tayabali

Rashida Tayabali



GST will be added for Australian Residents only.

No long term contracts – cancel any time.


Who is the membership open to?
Currently, the membership is only open to graduates of the full Recipe for SEO Success course, but exceptions may be made. If you’re not a graduate, please contact us.
What times are the calls and what if I can’t access them?
Calls will run at various times, and you’ll receive plenty of warning. Replays of the calls will be added to the membership so you can rewatch them anytime.
When does the membership start and finish?
Your membership starts as soon as you sign up and it’s a month-to-month subscription so you can cancel anytime.
I hate Facebook can I still join?
The SEO Masterchefs is run in part using Facebook groups – so if you hate Facebook this isn’t for you.