Learn how to win more love from Google

Win more customers and conversions with the ultimate SEO eCourse

Do you wish your site ranked higher in search engine results?

Are you confused by the Google tech speak and jargon?

Have you been burned by dodgy SEO companies?

YES? Well you need the Recipe for SEO Success eCourse

The most comprehensive course on Search Engine Optimisation ever.



We’d all love to believe the ‘if we build it they will come’ myth, but I’m sorry to tell you, it just ain’t true! If you really want humans to find your awesome business, you’ve got to push it right to the top in the organic search results.
And to do this you need SEO.

But SEO is impossible to learn. Not only is it stuffed full of technical gobbledygook, it changes every five minutes. And the so-called SEO experts never seem to agree.

Don’t worry. I believe ANYONE can learn the basics of Search Engine Optimisation, which is why I created The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse.

This 7 week eCourse shows you my tried and tested SEO tactics that can deliver higher rankings, more traffic and more conversions.

It’s a practical, easy to understand SEO eCourse that gives you the confidence to manage your own SEO.

SEO ecourse
Friendly SEO coaching calls


Unlike lots of other SEO courses I am NOT going to leave you to go it alone. I’m with you every step of the way, to answer questions, explain topics in more detail and give you one on one advice.

I actually limit the number of students on the course so that I can help you individually.

The course includes 8 x group coaching calls – at no additional charge – and it’s that personal attention that all of my students say, makes this course truly special. 



Understand how it all works


Fix those nasty bugs


Drive targeted, relevant traffic


Please humans and the Google gods


Build authority online


Spread the word about your brand


Track your SEO traffic and sales

And two bonus courses


How to optimise your shop for more sales


Get your business on the map


I know you’re probably thinking, “I’d love to do this course, but how will I find the time?”

Well, although The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse is guided over 7 weeks, it doesn’t stop there. You get ongoing access, which means if you fall behind, have a busy week or life gets in the way, don’t worry. 

You can access the content anytime to review modules, re-watch videos, check the glossary and access links.

SEO Course results


The Ultimate Search Engine Optimisation eCourse for bloggers, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The most comprehensive eCourse on SEO ever includes:

Group coaching calls

Worksheets and checklists

Training videos

  • 7 Week Recipe for SEO Success eCourse to help you learn how to manage your SEO yourself
  • Ongoing updates and access – the course is updated each year
  • Recipe certification and badge upon course completion
  • Two bonus SEO courses
  • Access to the member’s only Facebook Study Group page
  • 8 x supportive group coaching calls
  • Technical audit of your website
  • Backlink audit of your website
  • Complete SEO glossary covering every term and acronym
SEO Course results


The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse is designed for people who:

  • Find SEO confusing, overwhelming and a little bit boring
  • Want to learn DIY SEO
  • Already have a business online or are about to start one
  • Want to learn how to improve ranking results and conversions
  • Don’t want to pay an expensive SEO consultant to manage your site
  • Are happy to pay for an SEO consultant but want to understand what you’re getting for your money
  • Want to offer SEO as a service to your clients

Please note: This course is not aimed at anyone looking for SEO shortcuts or ways to cheat the search engine algorithms. (Chefs wear white hats, not black.)


My tried and tested SEO methodology delivers real results for small businesses and corporates. I could throw some stats at you, but instead let me give you a real example.

Try Googling ‘SEO Copywriter” – be sure you search in incognito mode. If you’re not in Sydney try Googling ‘SEO Copywriter Sydney’.

You’ll see that my copywriting website occupies the top local spot and the top two organics.

After that you’ll see

  • Local pack 2: Casey Elmer Copywriting – my SEO student.
  • Position 3: Sarah Morton – my SEO student.
  • Position 4: Casey Elmer Copywriting – my SEO student.
  • Position 7: Melinda Leyshon – my SEO student.
  • Position 8: Libby Hakim – my SEO student.
  • Position 10: Rebecca Christensen – my SEO student.

So out of 12 possible organic spots, me and my peeps got 9.

Proof that the course works – even if I am building my students up to steal my top spot!


While other SEO trainers talk the talk, I’ve walked the walk.

I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with nearly two decades of experience in all things advertising and digital.

I’ve worked hard to make my sites rank number one for more keyword phrases than you’ve had hot dinners (including super-tricky single-word terms like ‘copywriter’).

And let me tell you, that ain’t easy!

I’ve also helped countless small businesses and huge corporates like Kmart, Curash, The RTA, O’brien Glass, Pedigree Chum and more improve their ranking, traffic and conversions.

I don’t talk about lofty principles or waffle on about strategy.

I roll up my sleeves and get stuck in, offering you no-nonsense SEO advice and practical tactics that get results fast.

learn seo online


I’ve worked in advertising for nearly two decades in some of the biggest ad agencies (think Ogilvy and the like). About six years ago, when I happily found myself ‘with child’, I realised I could either stay in the agency world and never see my son, or give it all up.

As a contractor I suddenly found myself five months pregnant, out of a job, and with no maternity leave pay. Eeeep!

But then I had an idea. Why not set myself up as a copywriter?

My husband had just set up his own business with my help, so I thought “Hey, why not me?”

I built myself a little WordPress website and waited for the work to flood in. There was just one problem, or rather about 20,000 of them. When I typed ‘copywriter’ into Google, oodles and oodles of other copywriters appeared.

How could I:

Make my website appear at the top of the rankings?

Blast my competitors out of the Google ocean?

Get willing customers to visit my site and buy my services?

The only way to boost my business was to get my head around the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation. So I did.

I now rank on the first page for more than 160 different keywords. (But hey, who’s counting?) I’m in the top three for 114 terms, and recently ranked number one for the term ‘Copywriter’ on Google.com.au. (If you’re not impressed then you should be. It’s bloody hard to rank well for a single term.)

And I did it all:

With little (or no) budget and no outside help.

While being the primary breadwinner in our family and having to spend most of my time earning money.

As a sleep-deprived mum with a toddler to care for, a dog to walk, a house to clean, meals to cook, and a husband to occasionally grunt at.

(I even found a little ‘me’ time along the way to run a marathon and publish a book, or two. If I can do it, so can you.)

Since then I’ve helped big corporates and many small businesses win the SEO war. I’ve written SEO-friendly copy, created engaging content, technically audited a few hundred websites, and run heaps of training workshops. I’ve survived website hacks, damaging reviews from competitors, algorithm updates, writer’s block, negative SEO campaigns and more.

Which means I’m perfectly placed to tell you all my SEO secrets. So let’s get started.

learn seo online


The average SEO company charges around $2,000 per month to manage a small business SEO campaign.

  • Over a year that’s $24,000.
  • Over five years that’s $120,000.

It’s a big chunk of your profits. So why spend all that when you can become an SEO expert yourself for a fraction of the price?

With the Recipe course you get:

  • 8 x Group Coaching Calls (valued at $800)
  • Private Facebook Study Group page membership (valued at $500)
  • 50+ Training videos (valued at $1300)
  • 20+ templates and worksheets (valued at $1050)
  • Blog Compass Content planner (valued at $200)
  • Technical SEO Audit of your site (valued at $300)
  • Backlink Audit of your site (valued at $300)
  • 2 bonus courses (valued at $400)
  • Ongoing access to content – updated each year (Priceless)

That’s a total value of: $4850 (But don’t worry the course costs a lot less than that!)


Just a sample of the 250 businesses who’ve taken the Recipe course so far.


Over 200 students from all over the world have completed The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse – on top of 2500 who’ve taken our shorter courses.


Okay this is the bit where I share oodles of testimonials from members of the course. Here’s just a small selection, there are so many I had to build an entire page to fit them on. Read all the testimonials.

Kate HONESTLY wants you to succeed and she goes out of her way to help.

Bharath Madhiraju | Samtana Eco Clothing

I’d recommend this course to any Marketing Manager or Small Business Owner or anyone with a website designed to generate business for that matter!

Lauren Gerrand | Act Today

As a teacher of SEO fundamentals she is way ahead of her game.


Richard Lucas | Lucas Guitar

I’ve already seen huge improvements to my site.

Kelly O'Donnell | Copywriter

By far the best money I have ever spent on developing my practice.

Daryl Ansell | Chiropractor

Since completing the course, our Google ranking continues to increase steadily. We have landed several large contracts with small and large corporates.

Fiona Holmes | Miss Bold Design

The Recipe for SEO Success was one of the best courses that I have done.

Kelly Holcroft | Pearsons Florist

I can’t rate this course highly enough. It’s such a fantastic course that’s truly worth its weight in gold.

Louise Richmond | Enrich Business Consulting

If you want to justify just one spend based on ROI this year make it The Recipe for SEO Success! 

Darren Pearce | Marketing ER

This course has the potential to save you a lot of money.

Katherine Pranic | Copywriter

The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse was the best thing I’ve done for my business.


Andrea Rowe | Your Coastal Connection

Today, the business enquiries are pouring in. All thanks to what I learnt from Kate.

Andrew Lau | Copywriter

I now have a new skill, a new confidence and greater profit margins.

Amanda Nickells | TLC Latex Pillows

I wish I had done this course when I started my business.


Nick Howard |Pick Pals

Kate is someone you can trust, she provides honest advice and is supremely helpful.

Maree Livy | Celebrant Maree

An amazing comprehensive and well thought out course.

Natasha Beer | Northern Inland Credit Union Ltd


3 payments of
  • 1 x 60 minute consulting session with Kate Toon
  • Full 7 week course 
  • 2 x bonus modules (Ecommerce SEO + Local and International SEO)
  • 8 x group coaching calls
  • 3 months access to the Facebook Study Group
  • Ongoing course updates
  • Or pay up front to save $200


3 payments of
  • 1 x 60 minute consulting session with Kate Toon (not included)
  • Full 7 week course
  • 2 x bonus modules (Ecommerce SEO / Local and International SEO)
  • 8 x group coaching calls
  • 3 months access to the Facebook Study Group
  • Ongoing course updates
  • Or pay up front to save $164

GST will be added for Australian Residents only.

Want to know the cost in your currency? Use Google’s currency converter.

learn seo online
learn seo online


What is The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse?
The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse is a 7 week online training course that demystifies Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and gives you the skills to successfully optimise your small business website.
The eCourse is aimed at Small Businesses, Mumpreneurs, Designers, Copywriters, Bloggers and anyone else who wants to get to grips with Google.
When was the course last updated

I update the course regularly, as the world of SEO is constantly changing. The eCourse was updated in April 2017 and has been updated 4 times since it launched in 2014. And don’t forget, you get ongoing access to all updated materials.

How is your eCourse different to other SEO eCourses?
To put it simply, I’ve proven my success at SEO, and I’ve done it the hard way. Like you, I’ve been at the bottom of the SEO Mountain, and I made it to the top. And now I want to tell you how I did it. Here are some other reasons why my SEO eCourse is different:



  1. I’m anexperienced trainer who regularly runs workshops for big name brands and small businesses.
  2. I go the extra mile and provide resources and tools for you to enjoy.
  3. I offer not only the appetiser style front-end SEO advice, but also the meat and potatoes of the technical side.
  4. I’m crazy enthusiastic about SEO, and that enthusiasm will rub off on YOU. By the end of my eCourse you’ll love SEO as much as I do.

The course is not some short, 5 or 6 hour thing, it’s a fully comprehensive resource that you can refer to for many years to come. And unlike many other online courses I won’t leave you to go it alone. You’ll get weekly support via the coaching calls, as well as 6 months access to the Facebook study group. So you can ask all your questions and get tailored advice.

What kinds of people sign up to the Recipe for SEO Success eCourse?
The course is suitable for anyone who wants to get to grips with Search Engine Optimisation or manage their own SEO.



SEO course types

What kind of business industries does this course suit?
We’ve had students from all kinds of industries take The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse. Here’s just a selection:


Who shouldn’t sign up?
This is a foundation level course, with a sprinkling of advanced content. If you’re already an SEO expert, the course probably isn’t right for you.

Can you guarantee I’ll get to the number one spot in Google by doing your eCourse?
Nope, I’m afraid not. This course isn’t about magical fixes or false promises. It’s about helping you truly understand how Search Engines, such as Google, tick and how you can improve your chances of ranking in a safe, non-cheaty way. This is a white (chef’s) hat SEO course – no black hat trickery allowed.

I can’t make this round. When will the eCourse run again?

The course will run again in July 2017.



I don't have a website, can I still do the course?
Yes, many people who take The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse don’t yet have a website.



However it should be noted that some areas of the course will only be applicable once you have a website, such as setting up Google Analytics and auditing your site. So, you can come back and complete these tasks when your site is ready.

Who runs the eCourse?
The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse is run by me, Kate Toon. I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with almost two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing. Originally from the UK but now based just outside Sydney.

I have worked with big brands such as eHarmony, Curash and Kmart. And I’ve helped countless small businesses produce great content and improve their copywriting and SEO.

I’m also the founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse, as well as co-host on the Hot Copy Podcast.

I presented the Write for Business show for the Dale Beaumont’s Brin.ai app and recently launched The Copywriting Conference – Australia’s first dedicated Copywriting Conference.

I’m not very techy. Can I still do the eCourse?
Yes, absolutely. This course is for beginners, and I explain everything in a non-jargony way to make it easy for non-technical types to get their heads around. You can also ask questions in the coaching calls and in the Facebook study group page.

However, it helps if you have a basic understanding of the Internet and the platform your website uses (WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc.). Some of the more technical tasks explained on the course (Week 2) may require the help of a developer depending on your level of skill. I have a great, affordable one that I can recommend.

How does the eCourse run?
The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse runs for seven weeks, with a content module published each week. You access the content by logging into the password-protected member area.

Each module contains:

  • A number of training videos
  • Several worksheets, checklists, roadmaps and downloadable DIY templates
  • Optional material you can complete, if you have the time
  • Access to 100s of useful links and tools
  • Access to the private Facebook Study Group
  • 8 one-hour group coaching calls

The optional Facebook Study group and weekly coaching calls are not 100% necessary to the course, but do provide extra support and an opportunity to ask questions.

How are the group coaching calls run?
Group coaching calls are run using software called Zoom. You’ll need to install it on your Mac or PC or use the Zoom app on your phone. You’ll need a mic (and a webcam) if you want to participate, but you can just listen in if you prefer.

You’ll receive a schedule of calls in the introduction to the course.
If you can’t make all the coaching calls don’t worry. They are recorded and are made available on the site within 24-48 hours.

Coaching calls are scheduled at two times

  • International friendly: 8am Sydney time | 1pm PST | 4pm EST | 9pm GMT
  • Australia friendly: 1pm Sydney time | 5pm PST | 8pm EST | 1am GMT

How many hours per week should I set aside for the eCourse?

I know you probably don’t have a whole heap of time to spare for SEO, which is why I’ve broken the eCourse into bite-sized chunks. Ideally you should allow 2-3 hours a week to digest the course materials, which includes:

  • Watching the training videos
  • Reading and completing your SEO worksheets
  • Enjoying the bonus materials, such as expert interviews
  • Taking part in the group coaching calls
  • Asking questions in the Facebook Study Group  (as well as networking with others)

This is all the learning side of the course.

The implementation side – putting what you’ve learned into practice – will of course depend on how much work needs to be done.

But the whole point of this eCourse is for you to learn at your own pace, and at a time that suits you. And with lifetime access to the materials, you can come back to them at any point in the future.

Is there homework?
On average you’ll get two worksheets a week to complete. But don’t worry, I won’t be marking them. They’re a practical, fun and easy way to help you fully understand each module. Of course, the more you put into the eCourse the more you’ll get out of it. But the level of effort involved is entirely up to you.


Can I email / call / message you with my questions during the course?
No. All questions relating to the course must be submitted via the question page within the site and they will be answered in the group coaching calls. I’m afraid I cannot enter into private email correspondence, or take phone calls regarding your individual site issues.

I hate Facebook can I still do the course?
The SEO study group is run using Facebook groups. I’d highly recommend you joining the Facebook Study group, but the choice is entirely up to you.

Does my site need to be on WordPress to take the course?
While I highly recommend using WordPress as your website platform, I understand you may have opted for another platform. But while a few of the tips and plugins on the course are WordPress-specific, the overall course teaching can be applied to ANY website or platform.

. platform-wordcloud-v1

Does the course grow as my SEO knowledge expands?
While I may update the course materials from time to time to ensure they are current, I do not, at this stage, have plans to offer any advanced modules. If you wish to learn more advanced SEO you can book one on one sessions with me.

How long can I access the Course?
You have ongoing access to all course materials. Sign up price also includes 6 months access to the Facebook Study group. If you want to continue with support after the 6 months you can join the SEO Master Chef membership group for a monthly fee.

If for any reason we have to terminate the course offering, you’ll be given 6 months notice of the site closure.

How do I access the eCourse?
As soon as you’ve paid the eCourse registration fee, via PayPal, you’ll be asked to register. When your registration is complete, you can log into our membership portal. The material will be available weekly from the published start date.

How long is the payment plan?

The payment plan is broken up into three chunks:

  • First payment is payable on registration
  • Second payment three weeks later
  • Third payment three weeks after that.

If you fail to make your second or third payment, your access to course materials will be revoked and the karma guinea pigs will be on your tail FOREVER!

What if I don’t like the course?
If you’ve worked through the first module of the eCourse and haven’t gained any value from it (or just don’t think the eCourse is for you), I’ll happily refund your payment minus a $100 admin fee.


Refunds must be requested within 14 days of the course starting.
No refunds are provided after the first 14 days, and we do not provide pro-rata refunds for cancelled accounts. After the initial refund period expires, we will continue to process any remaining payments (if you have selected a payment plan option).

Is the course mobile and tablet friendly?
Yes the course is fully responsive and accessible on all devices.




3 payments of
  • 1 x 60 minute consulting session with Kate Toon
  • Full 7 week course 
  • 2 x bonus modules (Ecommerce SEO + Local and International SEO)
  • 8 x group coaching calls
  • 3 months access to the Facebook Study Group
  • Ongoing course updates
  • Or pay up front to save $200


3 payments of
  • 1 x 60 minute consulting session with Kate Toon (not included)
  • Full 7 week course
  • 2 x bonus modules (Ecommerce SEO / Local and International SEO)
  • 8 x group coaching calls
  • 3 months access to the Facebook Study Group
  • Ongoing course updates
  • Or pay up front to save $164

GST will be added for Australian Residents only.

Want to know the cost in your currency? Use Google’s currency converter.


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