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Over 3500 people have taken the 10-Day SEO challenge, now you can too.


I want you to love SEO as much as I do

And that’s why I’ve created this 10-Day SEO Challenge to boost your confidence and help you take the first steps towards SEO Success.

Put simply, it’s 10 days to a more confident SEO you!

You’ll get:

  • An email each day for 10 days with a simple, achievable SEO task
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can get extra tips
  • SEO explained in a non-jargony, easy peasy way
  • Clever expert tactics that can boost your confidence (and hopefully your ranking)
  • Regular videos answering questions from the community
  • Links to useful FREE SEO tools
  • Password access to the challenges on the website.


Choosing the best SEO tools

Choosing great keywords

SEO copywriting basics

Writing killer title tags

Optimising images for SEO

Setting up Google Search Console

Understanding Google My Business

Repurposing old content

Dealing with duplicate content

Writing better blog posts

Learn from the best

 I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with over two decades of experience in all things advertising and digital.

I’ve worked with big brands such as Westpac, the RTA, Curash and Kmart and helped countless small businesses to produce great content and improve their SEO.

I’m also the founder of The Clever Copywriting School, the co host on Hot Copy Podcast, presenter on the Write for Business TV show and run regular SEO and copywriting workshops across Australia.


This SEO-friendly Blog Post Copywriting Template is the standard template I use whenever I write a blog for one of our clients, our own site or for a guest blog. It’s a simple, comprehensive Microsoft Word document that essentially holds your hand through each step of writing your post.
Developed by experienced copywriters, this easy to use blog post template is a ‘paint by numbers’ guide to creating an engaging, SEO-friendly blog post for you and your clients. It includes:

  • Simple versioning and ownership tables
  • Step by step guide to:
    • Writing an SEO-friendly title tag
    • Crafting a meta description that lures in readers
    • Breaking your post up with sub headers and bolding
    • Determining when and where to use your broad match and exact match keywords
    • Encouraging comments with a snappy closer
  • Annotated template
  • Blank template


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Small business owners

WordPress developers


eCommerce Store owners




“I just completed Kate’s 10 Day SEO Challenge. I can’t recommend it and Kate highly enough for anyone wanting to get a clear, but fun understanding of how SEO works. Her obvious knowledge of, and passion for, SEO made learning truly enjoyable, despite the technical nature of the subject.”

Andrea Davies

“I can vouch for Kate’s 10 Day SEO Challenge – I jumped from spot 9 to spot 3 on some of my keywords and Number 1 for others! As a result i am getting more website traffic and more work. If you are on the fence about taking the challenge, as Nike says: “Just do it”! You won’t regret it!”

Tiffany Gouge

Brand Identity Design Specialist

“I recently completed Kate’s 10 day SEO challenge and loved it so much that I’ve signed up for her full 8-week eCourse. Before starting the challenge, I felt overwhelmed by SEO and didn’t know where to start. It just seemed too hard and scary, so I put it on my “think about that later” list. But through the challenge, Kate breaks down SEO into easy to understand – and more importantly, easy to implement – chunks. The 10 day challenge is an excellent intro for complete beginners and I’m looking forward to the 8-week course. SEO no longer scares me, and that is thanks to Kate!”

Angela Denly


“I would just like to say a massive thank you for creating such an easy to follow and informative e-course. Our website was non existent before and I just did a random keyword check and a few of our pages have popped up on page 5 and page 2. So THANK YOU!”

Clementine Holman

Total Integrated Security

“I knew that SEO would be THE thing to help my new site stand out in a crowded niche. But knowing where to start was overwhelming – I just wanted someone trustworthy to tell me what to do, and in what order.

As a total SEO newbie, I loved that Kate Toon’s 10-day SEO Challenge simplified complex SEO concepts without dumbing them down. Kate offered plenty of actionable advice to set my site up right from the beginning and avoid costly rookie mistakes.

At under $30 this is a course everyone can afford, even if you’re just starting out. It will save you hours of wasted time searching for free but possibly dubious advice from random internet sources. I feel like I “get” SEO now – I’m still learning but it’s not the scary beast I’d previously thought! “

Lisa Ringleff

Find Early Childcare

“I recently completed Kate’s 10 day SEO Challenge. I’ve been blogging for nearly 5 years and thought I knew a fair bit about SEO but even in her free course, Kate was able to share information that I genuinely learned and benefited from. I would definitely recommend this challenge for bloggers and business owners overwhelmed by the very thought of SEO and will be looking to take on her full SEO course in 2016.”

Kirsty Russell

“I’ve recently been on Kate’s “10 Day SEO Challenge” and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. There’s a saying often attributed to Einstein; “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” and it could not be more apt here. SEO might be regarded as something tremendously complicated, scary and even a dark art, but Kate Toon’s mastery of her craft is evident in the way she makes it all sound so straightforward that you forget what all that big scary fuss was about as you’re drawn in by her lighthearted lessons, delivered in congenial style and with minimal jargon. Look no further and get straight into making your website Bezzies with Google!”

Chris Ellison

GKR Karate

“I joined Kate’s 10 day SEO challenge to reinforce what I already knew- I wasn’t expecting to learn much as I wasn’t a complete SEO beginner BUT I was pleasantly surprised to learn A LOT. It was a great 10 day challenge- not too difficult at all but not too easy to be boring. I enjoyed receiving the email every day and completing the tasks, and the scopes on Periscope were great. The challenge can also be purchased as an e-book to refer back to in the future. Thanks Kate for creating this challenge and for answering my SEO questions!”

Natalie Alleblas

“What Kate doesn’t know about SEO and copywriting isn’t worth knowing. She is generous and innovative. I just completed her 10 Day SEO course and I feel confident that my site will rise above Google’s 2nd page graveyard.”

Sandra Muller

Silk Interiors

“I cannot recommend this course enough! Kate explains everything you need to know in laymen’s terms. She gives lots of practical tips to improve your SEO, and also answers your questions in the private Facebook group.”

Layla Roberts

Founder and CEO, Sydney Concierge

“Just a heartfelt thank you Kate Toon for providing such genuine advice in your 10 day SEO challenge. There are very few courses and people who deliver like you do.

From me being a novice to being confident about doing a complete overhaul of my website (my geeky friend is doing a major chunk of it of course but I am helping/ making informed decisions, doing the homework;-)) Couldn’t have done it if not for that course. Still taking baby steps, but glad I am doing it, and boy am I seeing a difference in the inquiries coming through already, and all this when I’ve not even completed redoing the home page yet.
Thank you, thank you, & thank you.”
Fatema Kathiria

Alfa Embroidery

“Hi Kate, thanks so much for the great course! I just completed your 10 Day SEO challenge. I learned A LOT! So much useful tips and awesome resources. Took me bit longer to finish it, because 2 kids, but I managed 🙂 So thanks again, for the epic challenge.”

Basia Gucwa

Fence Makeovers


Do I need to be technical to do the course?
Nope, the course is aimed at absolute beginners.
Is the course just for WordPress websites?
No. The course is not focused on any particular platform, we’ve had previous students who have Squarespace, Big Commerce, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Magento, Drupal and Joomla websites.
How is the course delivered?
You’ll log into our course membership email to enjoy the content and also be sent daily email prompts for the 10 days.
Do I need to have a website to do the course?
Nope, in fact it’s a good idea to do the course before you build your website.
Does the course come with support?
No. This is a self guided course. There are FAQs within it however and you can head to the I LOVE SEO group for extra support.
I’m afraid we cannot answer individual questions via email.
Can I do the course at my own pace?
Yes. The course is structured across 10 days, and you’ll receive email prompts that guide you through this.
However, these are just prompts and there’s no pressure to stick to this format. If you want to take it at your own pace that’s fine too. I give you lifetime access to all the materials because I know that life sometimes gets in the way!


GST will be added for Australian Residents only.