Feel that video love

A picture may paint a thousand words, but a video, well it’s just pretty awesome right. 
I’m so grateful to everyone of my students that took the time to create a video praising the Recipe for SEO Success Course.
You are awesome humans. 

Taylor McRostie – Home Paige Interiors

Lyndsay Bibb – SEO Consultant

Cat McCarthy – McCarthy Plumbing Group


Gabriella Tezanos-Pinto – Pachamama

Stephanie Trowbridge – 4.Mance Automotive

Carla Ellerby – Composed Communication

Andrew Lau – Andrew Lau Copywriter

Dr Jamie Barnier – Dr Jamie

Nick Howard – Pick Pals

Libby Hakim – Libby Hakim Copywriter

Yael Keon – Yael Keon

Amy Annetts – Amy Annetts Marketing

Rosemary Piercy – Total Chiro

Mathew Cocciardi – Snipers Den

Daryl Ansell – Ansell Chiropractic

Gemma Hawdon – Gemma Hawdon

Kate Merryweather – Dot Com Words

Anu Sawhney – Bidiliia

Nadine Crowe – Nadine Crowe

Hayley Robertson – My Client Strategy

Dominique Kimber – Social Swell

Kat Rodrigues – Kat Rodrigues

Melinda Samson – Click-Winning Content

Belinda Irvine – Reelax ‘n

Kylie Ufer – Profitability VA

Alexandra Whitehead – The Practice Activator

Glory Puljak – Hamper My Style

Mariska Threadgold – Mariska Threadgold Copywriter

Vanessa Murray – Little Leather


Monika Nowaczyk – Beebee and Bongo

Kaylee Chirichiello – Arcana Digital

Anthea Digby-Smith – Sable

Crystal Wong – SkyBlue Search

Alison Strachan – Ali Strachan Copywriter

Rob Sanders – Socially Found

Belinda Austin – 6ft6wine

Lee Hopkins – Lee Hopkins Counselling

Tracy Malone – Cyber Research

Gavin Hodgins – FloatPac 

Jodie North – Jodie North

Matt Smith – Allure Limosines

Connie Holen – Pixality

Nat Foxon – Foxed

Claire Gamble – We Are Unhooked

Nerissa Bentley – The Melbourne Health Writer

Lucy Davies – Websites by Lucy

Nell Casey – Nell Casey Creative

Katie Tilden – Two Sprout Communications

Jo Kanaris – Business School For Mums

Nat Battalgia – Shelves For Shops

Kat Rodrigues – Kat Rodrigues

Glenda Bishop – A Less Irritable Life

Danielle Atkins – De Clutter Life

Kate Crocker – Kate Crocker Copywriter

Josh Rose – Josh Rose Copywriter

Are you ready to start cooking up some SEO goodness?

My delicious and nutritious SEO eCourse is open to a limited number of keen beans.

I’m keeping the numbers low so I can give each member of the course my time and attention.

So are you in or are you in?