My number one piece of SEO advice

My number one piece of SEO advice
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Today, I’m going to be giving you my number one piece of SEO advice, and this little video is a thank you to all the members of my I LOVE SEO Facebook group!


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When I appear on podcasts and when I’m speaking at events, people always come up to me and ask me.

“Hey what’s the number one thing I could do to improve my SEO.”


And it’s a pretty tough question, but I understand why people ask it.

Because it’s super easy to get overwhelmed by the whole world of SEO.

There are so many different articles, so many different opinion. And don’t get me started on the forums and discussion groups, which just seem to be full of SEO types waving their willies and competing to give the best advice on SEO.

And sometimes, you just want to know one easy thing that you can do to improve your SEO.

And even when you’re learning SEO the proper way, like the students on my SEO ecourse, it’s easy to become obsessed with one particular aspect of SEO, to go crazy about fixing all your 404 errors or to fall down the keyword research rabbit hole


So, today I’m going to give you my number one piece of SEO advice.

And it is this

Stop trying so hard to please the Google gods and instead, focus on pleasing your readers and your customers.

It sounds so simple, but it’s so often overlooked.

You need to understand your customers.

You need to grips with their desires and fears about your product or service.

You need to focus on providing really useful content and not being overly salesy.

You need to create a site that’s totally easy to use and enjoyable to be on.

You need to focus on creating the best possible content, not just blog posts but videos and podcasts – whatever it is that your customers want and that’s going to help them get what they need.

And if you do this, if you focus on your customer, all that other SEO stuff will just fall into place. I know it sounds easy, and of course there are still aspects of technical SEO, on-page and off-page that need to be considered.

But let me tell you something: I built my SEO Success on helping my customers and on providing great content. Once I’d built that platform and had those foundations, then I went and optimised my site in the best possible way that I could.

So, if I can leave you with my one piece of SEO advice, it’s focus on Humans first and Google second.


Over to you

What’s your favourite piece of SEO advice? Please share in the comments below:


  1. Daryl Ansell

    MAke your site one that is easy to navigate, that moves people to area of the site that is relevant to them and at all times have immediate action steps available to them to purchase/contact you NO BAIT AND SWITCH

    • Kate Toon

      That’s a great piece of advice. I think giving people the opportunity to contact you when they want to is so important