Schema explained with Tony McCreath (TECHIE)

Schema explained with Tony McCreath (TECHIE)
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How structured data can help your website rank


In this episode, Kate chats with Tony McCreath about Schema (or structured data) and how it can make your website easier for Google to understand and index.


Tune in to learn:

  • What Schema is
  • How Schema works
  • Examples of Schema in action
  • What impact Schema has on your ability to rank?
  • Different types of schema
  • The impact Schema has on shopping and ecommerce sites
  • How Schema links into Google shopping
  • How Schema helps with Google local
  • How to test your Schema


About Tony


Tony McCreath is an SEO expert based in Adelaide running Web Site Advantage. He began fiddling with computers when he was 16, and began optimising websites in 2004. He’s been running his business for six years, and now focuses on more specialised subjects such as technical consultations and structured data implementations.




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    This was great thanks Kate and Tony!