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SEO-Friendly Podcast Template


A paint-by-numbers template to get you fully organised for all your podcasting needs, chock-full with useful tools and tips.


  • Australian customers will be charged GST.



So you’re thinking of starting a podcast.

You have great ideas that should be heard, and most importantly, well-ranked!

Before you hit the record button, you should get your game-plan organised, and with this paint-by-numbers SEO-Friendly Podcast Template, you’ll be right on track.

This straight-forward Microsoft Word Document includes:

  • Useful headline and writing tools
  • Advice on naming your podcast, episode titles, writing episode blurbs and more
  • Annotated Template including:
    • Podcast outline
    • Notes for your guest – make sure they show up on the right call with a clue as to what will happen
    • Notes for your editor – audio time-stamps, when the music should start and stop, etc.
    • Podcast blog-post outline
    • Sharing on Social Media
  • Kate’s podcast production process checklist

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  • Australian customers will be charged GST.
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