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A 10-Day foundation SEO course, to get you started the right way.


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I want you to love SEO as much as I do

And that’s why I’ve created this 10-Day SEO Challenge to boost your confidence and help you take the first steps toward SEO Success.

Put simply, it’s 10 days to a more confident SEO you! You’ll get:

  • 10 days of simple, achievable SEO tasks
  • Worksheets and videos to help improve your learning
  • Access to a Facebook group where you can get extra tips
  • SEO explained in a non-jargony, easy peasy way
  • Clever expert tactics that can boost your confidence (and hopefully your ranking)
  • Links to useful FREE SEO tools
  • One year’s access to course materials



  • Displayed Price is GST inclusive where applicable.
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40 reviews for 10 DAY SEO CHALLENGE

  1. jude (verified owner)

    10 things about the 10-day challenge:
    Thing 1: It’s Toon produced – so you know it’s google goodness. Anything Kate turns her keen attention to is backed by her phenomenal SEO knowledge, her entertaining turn of phrase and her generosity
    Thing 2: it’s a do-able day by day. Each day is a bite sized snack of SEO goodness that gets you thinking about how to make your digital presence better
    Thing 3: you can take it again, and again and again – just pop back in for a refresh
    Thing 4: it’s an SEO gateway drug. You’ll realise it’s not as terrifying as you’d feared, this SEO business. It’s mostly just good sense AND actually doing to do, so you’ll find yourself making eyes at the Big Course – which is the 10 day on big fat muscle building steroids
    Thing 5: you get access to the I Love SEO facebook group, where there are loads of people in the same boat as you – climb in, take advantage of their mistakes and confessions.
    Thing 6: It gets you working ON your business – clear the space, do the work, it’s worth it.
    Thing 7: Dipping your toe in the SEO pond, with your own business not only gives you confidence – it can focus your attention on what your business needs for SEO – spoiler, it’s not 1 size fits all. This little 10 day lovely shows you a raft of things that you can pick and choose from, or choose to do yourself, or outsource. Either way, you’ve got more knowledge than you had a few days ago!
    Thing 8: It’s set out logically to take you from newb to knowledgeable – it’s a well organised course, easy to get through, and immensely beneficial.
    Thing 9: (and I’m wishing I hadn’t started this 10 things thing!) There’s no show tunes!
    Thing 10: There’s a surprise after Day 10!

    If I could give it 10 stars, I would! (But perhaps those babies should be reserved for the Big Course!)

  2. browbandsupplies1 (verified owner)

    Excellent Course.

    Small achievable units which are great. The course took me longer than 10 days but only because I didn’t do a unit every day.
    It helped me understand all the seo stuff that I had absolutely no idea about before I started the course. I was pretty well a totally clueless before I did the course.
    I like that if I forget it I can come back and revisit it. Which I am going to do very shortly. Some things I still need to implement due to working a bit too much in my business Browband Supplies, rather than working on it lately.

    Thanks Kate for a super course that was enjoyable to work on.

  3. antheadigbysmith (verified owner)

    What a great course. Easy bites size SEO chunks. Highly recommend.

  4. bluebamboonz (verified owner)

    This is a must do for every website owner. The structure is very logical. The language is easy to understand. And somehow Kate manages to make SEO interesting. I fell in love with SEO thanks to this course.

  5. Anne Clark (verified owner)

    Kate is a wealth of knowledge and is extremely generous in what she gives in this course. The course was to the point, clear and actionable. Kate translates everything into an easy to understand language, that anyone can confidently follow. It made me feel confident in what I needed to do. Thank you Kate, you are outstanding.

  6. Richardlindsell (verified owner)

    Great course full of easy to grasp info on SEO, even for a newbie like me (I recommend doing the “nibbles” first). There’s plenty of advice out there, but Kate walks the talk. And you can go over it again and again. Fantastic!

  7. sonjabalzarolo (verified owner)

    Thanks Kate for such a comprehensive challenge. I’m about to do it again it’s that good! Interesting content and information, easily applied to your website and I love that it’s understandable rather than full of tech words that you can’t follow. I’ll definately be doing more of Kate’s courses. Sonja – Bookkeeper based on the Gold Coast – Blossoming Business.

  8. info36 (verified owner)

    Great course, content is easy to understand and simple to apply. I wish I found this course before I spent money on Google Adwords!

  9. anuradha.sawhney (verified owner)

    The 10 day SEO challenge was a great way to understand the basics of SEO for me and also to know and acknowledge the importance of optimisation for small businesses.

    It’s a start in the right direction for anyone who’s overwhelmed by the thought of SEO.

    As always Kate breaks it down so it’s easy to understand, grasp and implement.

    I did the 10 day challenge in 5 days and stayed up until 4 a.m optimising my website on the 5th night.

    Magnificent SEO starter course. Don’t think about it, do it !!!

  10. Kristyjoseph (verified owner)

    The 10 day SEO challenge is the PERFECT start to getting the initial fundamentals of SEO.

    It gave me the confidence to apply my learnings to my businesses. I enjoyed the modules that much that I wanted more and signed up to the recipe for SEO success course.

    The best part of the course is that Kate makes it easy for you. She guided us step by step through the process and … mind blow!

    If you are a business owner, it’s the perfect course to get you started. At the price point, just go for it!

    Kate, thank you! You have changed my businesses.

  11. Bishboshbecca (verified owner)

    At last an seo course that makes sense. It enables you to dip your toe in the murky waters of seo.
    The number of courses I have paid and then got part of the way through and stopped. Not this one. It is brilliant! Plus it is going to have a revamp so I can refresh my knowledge again.
    I found this course so informative, achievable and understandable that I am hoping to do Kate’s big course when it comes out in April.
    That is how good I thought this course was!

  12. Melanie Harrison (verified owner)

    The world of SEO is full to the brim of gangsters. Kate is not one of them.

    She’s super informed. She’s a fab communicator. She’s a damn good teacher.

    If you’re scared of SEO – I was, I can’t lie – then this is the best starting point.

    Bite-size chunks of knowledge, mini exercises and to-do checklists that are easy to digest and ensure that you’re chomping at the bit to get stuck into your own SEO and rule the roost of Google.

    A must have for anyone and everyone that publishes content on the interwebs 🙂

  13. Emma Leaver (verified owner)

    Kate’s 10 day course was such an important resource in getting our site from page 6 to page 1 on Google. Each day of the course was easily digestible, allowing me to quickly accomplish some quick wins and giving me the hope and the confidence I needed to know I could do this myself. Kate’s course was everything I needed as a complete non-techie and was the most valuable tool I had in improving our site and subsequently our SEO rankings. Buy this course you won’t regret it. Thank you so much Kate!

  14. Natalia Zhikhareva (verified owner)

    As a psychologist, it is a challenge to keep a “healer” cap on as well as a “business owner.” Prior to taking SEO Course, my business wouldn’t show up until the 8th page in google. Now its on the first page, I kid you not, just google “gender therapist Los Angeles” and DR Z PHD comes up! All thanks to Kate’s amazing class which offered tremendous amount of resource at a great price. Now I understand that my field is a niche segment, given that I only work with transgender population. Still, being up to show up on the first google page after few weeks of optimizing is a huge success. Thanks Kate! Truly recommend this class.

  15. leanne tubby (verified owner)

    As a complete novice who had no idea when it comes to SEO despite running an online business for 8 years, this course really gave me a kick up the bee-hind to show how important even the basics of SEO are for every business. Kate’s course is really simple to follow for someone at the beginning of the SEO learning curve, with great videos, follow up & lots of great information to refer back to. Having completed the course, we have now hired an expert (a Kate Toon recommended expert mind you) to really ramp up our results. This course is a must-do for anyone looking to kick start or revamp their SEO strategies. http://www.babybeehinds.com.au Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks Kate!

  16. Rachel Amies (verified owner)

    I loved Kate’s 10-day course. It’s very clearly set-out, easy to understand and very easy to implement! Kate turns what can be a complicated beast into something easily digestable … and fun! This Crazy Cat VA can’t recommend Kate highly enough! It’s worth every cent! Keep up your PAWsome work, Kate!

  17. Benjamin Redlich (verified owner)

    The 10 Day SEO Challenge has absolutely benefited our business! Great course. Thanks so much from everyone at Wedding Band Collective!

  18. info40 (verified owner)

    I did this course for the 2nd time after two years and found it as helpful and more easier to follow [if that was possible :-)]. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels intimidated by the words SEO. They’re bite sized information, but still explained in so much detail with the video, the text and FAQ’s, and you can go over them as many times at your own pace till it starts sinking in.
    I always do recommend Kate’s courses to anyone who wants to DIY SEO or atleast understand some of what they’re paying others to do.

  19. celeste1 (verified owner)

    Really impressed with the 10-Day challenge; I feel it offers great value for money, and explains complicated things nice and easily. I went on to do the Big SEO Course after this, as I realised how much more I needed to know to help grow my online business. So glad I did – Kate is a wonderful teacher and very knowledgable.

  20. TheDesignOrder (verified owner)

    This was such a great introductory course to learn everything you need to know about SEO when doing a DIY. I have had such great success with the course I also recommended it to many of my clients.

  21. kablooiestore (verified owner)

    The 10 day SEO course was my first foray into SEO, when it seemed like a terrifying beast I would never master. Kate talks in language you can understand, helps you understand some quite tricky stuff without making you feel dumb, and does it all with a quirky sense of humour that leaves you feeling like you’ve found a cool new friend. Highly recommend!

  22. Kim McKee (verified owner)

    Great course from Kate. Loved that I could do in my own time and not have to wait for new class each day. Very informative and well presented in an easy to understand way. Thanks Kate! Kim McKee (Kee Websites)

  23. Leanne Summers (verified owner)

    Really enjoy this 10 day challenge. Self paced learning suits me to a tee and being able to go back and re-watch and re-read stuff was super helpful. Focus and synonym are the two words that sprout from my mouth each day now. Thank you Kate. Leanne @weddingcelebrantvietnam

  24. wahm (verified owner)

    This course is a great way to learn the basics of SEO. Kate explains things in a way that is easy to understand but her knowledge shines through. The fact that it’s self paced and doesn’t expire means you can go through it as fast or as slow as you want. It’s also perfect for going back to when you need a reminder about what you should be doing.

    Given it’s a just a “challenge” you might think it’s fairly limited but Kate goes into a lot of detail about each topic. The tools and tips Kate gives have been super helpful when redoing some of the blogs on our website and I’m using them again on my latest website venture.

    I definitely recommend this course if you want to get some great SEO knowledge happening.

    Thanks Kate and The 10 Day Challenge!
    Robyn (workathomemums.com.au)

  25. Nicolle Smith (verified owner)

    Kate is phenomenal and so is the 10-day SEO challenge. I’m also a little obsessed with everything Kate does as her in-depth knowledge and easy to follow courses are outstanding. I was a fish out of water before I found Kate, I had no idea where to start, but so far, I’ve built my own website (from her course) and now thanks to this course I get to learn SEO while fine tuning it without paying someone else. Her down to earth realism is refreshing and fun and I can’t wait to jump into the big course. Hopefully I can get a spot!

  26. katiemarshall01 (verified owner)

    All Kate’s products are exceptional and this course is no different. Easy to understand and even easier to implement! Kate delivers the content in bite size chucks that can produce big results. I highly recommend for SEO newbies who want to kick start their SEO journey.

  27. Danyal (verified owner)

    very fortunate to come across this course. Very grateful for Kate to stay true to her character. The course pretty much taught me the fundamentals for seo. Should be taught at universities and high schools.

  28. nat_upward (verified owner)

    Before I did this course I was convinced SEO was some dark dodgy task to be terrified of. By the time I finished this course I was in love with SEO and completely hooked – so hooked that I signed up to do the Big Course and our business has seen some outstanding results. Kate, thanks for making SEO not just fun, but super interesting. I’m off to check my keyword rankings!! 🙂

  29. Michelle Theodoroulakes (verified owner)

    Words of wisdom from Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. Well that basically covers the delightful Kate Toon and all you need to know about whether to do one of her marvellous courses! Packed full of only the best finely distilled information and easy to understand. Best of all, you get to keep going back for re-runs if you are part of the ageing population like me and finding it hard to get new knowledge to stick. So don’t let the fact that you need your children to tell you how to work the remote control on the new TV, you will still be able to enjoy Kate’s course and learn so much. I am now annoyingly informed when I watch over my son’s shoulder as he works on his website and tell him all about his bad SEO. Its fabulous! Get on board, you will never look back.

  30. Michelle (verified owner)

    I have done this course twice and it was well worth it. Organic traffic has improved on my website, with lots of simple changes. Thanks Kate, really appreciate you putting together this course.

    Michelle Tolhurst – Creative Desk

  31. MIMI3388 (verified owner)

    Such a great course! Kate has so much in-depth knowledge and her content is invaluable, super easy to understand and implement. I also love that she shares lots of different tools or programs to use to make our lives easier. Who knew that SEO could be fun haha! Thank you!

  32. Lu Sexton (verified owner)

    This course is a great demystifier of the dark arts of the google gods as Kate calls them. Say goodbye fumbling around with half-baked DIY SEO, (which my previous strategy) and say hello to useful tips, tricks and information. Highly recommend. Thanks Kate.

  33. sue@northcoastliving.com.au (verified owner)

    After starting an online business with zero experience in SEO and a very limited budget I stumbled across Kate’s free SEO Nibbles Course (Cheers Google) It was exactly what I needed to help me understand the basics. The next obvious step was to sign up for the 10 Day SEO Challenge and I’m so glad I did. It is great value for money, very practical and easy to follow even for non-techy types like me. If you are starting out on this journey I would highly recommend Kate’s course to set you on the right path.

  34. Corinne Amendolia (verified owner)

    The 10 SEO Challenge is incredible value. It gives you a solid introduction to SEO at a ridiculously reasonable price. Kate Toon shows why she has such a stellar reputation in this area. Kate explains things at a level the novice can understand without patronising or making you feel foolish. There are many imitations of this course around, but this truly is THE Holy Grail of introductory SEO courses. There is just so much goodness in it. I can’t wait to do the BIG Recipe Course next!

  35. Shauna Upson (verified owner)

    I purchased the 10-day SEO Challenge course last year when I joined the Clever Copy Writing Community. At the time I skimmed through it making notes as I went to implement once my new website was created. I made many changes to the old website and this helped me understand what I needed to do with the new one.

    I’m about to jump in and do it all again with my new website. I’m looking forward to it, because the videos are really short and the written material so easy to digest. Thanks Kate, you’re so helpful with your SEO knoweldge.

  36. Moonface Studio (verified owner)

    The 10-day SEO Challenge is a fantastic introductory course into all things SEO. The great thing about the course is you don’t have to complete it within 10 consecutive days. You can always refer back to the course as and when you need to. Kate explains things in a fun manner and has so many tips to share.

  37. Clare Hastings (verified owner)

    A must-do course for anyone who is at the mercy of Google to find new customers.

    I had a decent understanding of SEO before doing Kate’s course, but I realised there was so much I didn’t know. This brilliant course gave me the tools and tactics to set my businesses up in the right way.

    The tasks were achievable even with my hectic workload and explained in a way that completely made sense to my non-technical brain. The expertise in the Facebook group was worth the investment alone. Highly recommend!

  38. Elle Vidovich (verified owner)

    Amazing course. Kate makes the techy stuff seem simple.

    I gained so much knowledge from this course and implemented it on my own website… lets just say I’m on page one for my keywords and it’s a good feeling.

    This course is a must for any up and coming copywriters or content writers that want a taster of what the big course offers and a good understanding of basic SEO skills.

    I’d also recommend it for small business owners that want an understanding of how SEO works for their business.

    Thanks Kate, you’re a legend.

  39. sales6 (verified owner)

    I loved the friendly and fun approach to the course and found it easy to follow. I was thrilled that I managed to get on the first page of Google for my most popular product after implementing Kate’s advice. Highly recommended thank you Kate

  40. Gayle Williams (verified owner)

    Over the years as a small business owner I have tried (with dubious amounts of success) to stay abreast of SEO trends and stay ahead of the game. Like many people, I just found the whole process dry, boring and most of all, intimidating. I should have come to Kate first. Her zest for SEO is (can I say it…) contagious. I feel as if I can begin to climb this massive DIY SEO mountain, and most of all, I don’t feel like I’ve been given a whole heap of jargon that is inactionable. I have a process, a plan and (for the first time in a long time) a way to move forward. Thanks Kate, I’m really looking forward to moving on to your big course next.

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