Email Sequence Template


Create a conversion-focused email series with this paint by numbers template.


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So you’ve created a sexy lead generation piece, and people are opting in to receive it like crazy.
And now you need to deliver it to them, with a series of lovely emails that lead them to do, whatever it is you want them to do.

This paint-by-numbers Email Sequence Template helps service providers create a seven-email sequence following a proven conversion strategy.

The flow takes users from delivering a lead generation piece all the way through to selling your primary offer.

This 21-page document is packed with useful tips, templates and examples including:

  • Copy Guidelines
  • Email Guidelines covering format, subject lines, sender address, from address, salutations, sign offs, Calls to Action
  • Links to Australian Compliance guidelines
  • Sample email flow and contents
  • 7 x Email templates, with notes, and sample copy

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    • Displayed Price is GST inclusive where applicable
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