Link Outreach: how to get more links without being a d**k

Link Outreach: how to get more links without being a d**k

Adding link building to your SEO strategy without damaging your reputation

It’s no secret Google likes links. Need to boost your SEO and get a tick from the Google gods? You need links.

Getting reputable sites to link to yours is the aim of the game but how do you do it? Everyone on the interwebs is after those same links, what makes you any different?

Today, I’m joined by Dan Ray, the yoda of link building. Together, we’ll work through creating a link building strategy that won’t turn you into a beggar.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why Dan is qualified to teach on link building
  • If guest blogging is a good or bad strategy
  • What Private Blog Networks are
  • Best places to find quality links for outreach
  • How many emails you can send someone without it being spam
  • The ideal number of links
  • If DA should play a part in your strategy
  • The 4 core target link types

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About Dan

Dan is primarily a link builder, he has built an extremely successful business selling this as a productised service (and only this).

He no longer work with clients on a paid basis unless it’s an extremely interesting project, he chooses to concentrate on training others to do the things that he does effectively.


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