Google Penalties: The facts from an insider with Andre Weyher (BASIC)

Google Penalties: The facts from an insider with Andre Weyher (BASIC)
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Andre Weyher shares his advice and tips on how to avoid and deal with penalties


Google Penalties, two words that strike fear into the hearts of Small business owners everywhere.  There are so many myths and so much misinformation about Google Penalties that I wanted to clear it up – and so I’m speaking today with Andre Weyher, a long time internet buddy and an ex Google person!

We’re going to take you through the ABCs of Google Penalties, why they happen and how to deal with them. According to Matt Cutts  there are over 400,000 manual penalties that are applied every month, so this is important stuff people.

So if you’re scared you’ll one day get a smack on the bottom from the Google gods, this is the episode for you.


Tune in to learn:

  • The latest SEO news: Artificial intelligence
  • What is a Google penalty
  • What sorts of things cause a Google Penalty
  • How do you know if you have been issued a penalty
  • How long Google gives you to fix the problem
  • What are the first steps you should take if you have received a penalty


About Andre


Andre Weyher from Practice Ignition. He heads up the Marketing efforts there and has been with Google for 5 years before.

Working in both AdWords and in the (in)famous search quality team where he handed out penalties himself.



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