Google My Business: tips and strategies to boost your business with Tim Capper (NEWBIE)

Google My Business: tips and strategies to boost your business with Tim Capper (NEWBIE)
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Tim Capper shares his Google My Business wisdom


Google My Business, we all know it’s an awesome way to promote your business locally, but why does it have to be so dang complicated?

In this week’s pod we  to tackle all the basics of Google My business as well as some top advanced tips. It’s the perfect pod for newbies wanting to set up a Google My Business page, and established businesses who want to make sure they’ve ticked all the boxes.


Tune in to learn:

  • The latest SEO news
  • What Google Business is and the benefits for your business
  • What type of page you should set up
  • How to manage multiple location businesses
  • What to do if you don’t have a store front
  • What essential info you need to include in your Google My Business page
  • Common issues and mistakes
  • How to contact Google when things go wrong


Some elements mentioned in the podcast

Tim mentioned this experiment with Google Guaranteed in the podcast.

“In the new Home Service Unit test for service in the San Diego area. To appear in this ALL service area businesses have to Pass Advanced Verification. However if you connect AdWords to your account you get the Google Guaranteed label together with Google’s own guarantee of the job undertaken to the value of $2000.”


We also talked about looking at the results your Google My Business page is driving, here’s an image of mine.


Google my business



About Tim


Tim Capper operates a bespoke Local SEO and Google Business consultancy in the UK, Online Ownership. As an experienced SEO consultant and Google My Business Top Contributor, Tim takes an honest, straightforward approach to helping your business stand out online.




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  1. Kevin Hansen

    Hi Kate!
    I’m a fairly new SEO Copywriter and your tips are really useful so far. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

    • Kate Toon

      Hey Kevin, thanks so much for listening and commenting. It’s appreciated.