Google AMP for Small Business with Dawn Anderson

Google AMP for Small Business with Dawn Anderson

Why Google AMP should be at the top of your SEO to do list

Kate chats with Dawn Anderson about Google AMP and how Google AMP will change mobile search and why it should be a top priority for all small business websites.

  • What Google AMP is
  • How Google AMP works
  • What Google AMPed pages will look like
  • How Google AMP impacts your ability to rank?
  • Is Google AMP something we should tackle now or can it wait until later?
  • How to implement Google AMP on WordPress sites
  • The best Google AMP plugins
  • How Google AMP will impact eCommerce platforms



About Dawn

Dawn Anderson is a digital marketing strategist specialising in technical and architectural SEO from Move It Marketing.  She has been in SEO for a decade.  She works primarily with enterprise level companies on organic search across a number of markets including travel, sports betting, personal injury, legal, insurance and food and nutrition.

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  • Very interesting. Well explained. Thanks Jo.

  • Great interview @katetooncopywriter:disqus and @dawnieando
    Yes very good advice to get onboard early with AMP
    Peter Mead

    • Agreed Peter, I’ve been putting it off, but must get on it!!

  • Interesting! Google AMP will be a standard in the very near future. As mobile becomes hyper-local, AMP for websites like small business owners will have them featured in the rich SERP offerings. I recommend the plugin for the websites that are based on wordpress.

    • Hey Nick, thanks for comment. I totally agree. The sooner we get on this the better!