APOSTROPHES: Should I use apostrophes in my copy and keyword phrases?

When you’re writing copy for your website, you may find you need to use apostrophes: ‘women’s dress’, or ‘runner’s knee’ for example. And if you’re doing your SEO Copywriting properly you’ll be using these phrases in your title, meta description, etc. However, if you do a search in Google Adwords or SEMrush, you might find that there’s no traffic or results for the apostrophe version and that instead, the non-apostrophe version gets all the love. Don’t worry. When it comes to SEO Google is smart enough to work out that ‘womens’ and ‘women’s’ are the same thing. Try typing the two phrases into Google and you’ll notice that the results don’t change much. So yes, you should use apostrophes in your copy and keywords phrases.