Facebook optimisation: Understanding the Facebook news feed algorithm with Marie Page (NEWBIE)

Facebook optimisation: Understanding the Facebook news feed algorithm with Marie Page (NEWBIE)
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AboutHow to get your content seen without paying for ads


Facebook – it’s the social media platform we love to hate.

Business page owners will know the struggle of trying to cut through the noise and get your posts seen. Some statistics say that even with the people who’ve taken the time to like your page, could only be seeing 2% of your content.

So how does Facebook’s news algorithm really work and what do we need to understand to get our content seen by more potential customers – without having to pay for ads.

Today I’m chatting with Marie Page, Author, Speaker and Co Founder of The Digiterati about Facebook’s mysterious algorithm.



Tune in to learn:

  • What percentage of your fans will see your content
  • How the Facebook algorithm works
  • How Facebook measures interest in the page
  • How Facebook measures post performance
  • Which types of content work
  • Why recency is a key factor in Facebook
  • Whether Hashtags work on Facebook
  • Marie’s number one tip for business owners


About Marie


Marie Page is one of the UK’s leading Facebook marketing experts. She is a founding partner of digital marketing consultancy The Digiterati and the Digiterati Academy e-learning portal for marketers and entrepreneurs. She recently published a book and online course “Winning at Facebook Marketing with Zero Budget”.

Vegan. F1 and live music obsessive.



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