eCommerce SEO: 6 silly mistakes you should avoid with Aaron Agius (NEWBIE)

eCommerce SEO: 6 silly mistakes you should avoid with Aaron Agius (NEWBIE)
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Tips and tactics to improve your online store SEO


On today’s podcast we’re talking about some of the mistakes the eCommerce store owners make with their SEO. This is a cautionary tale that will hopefully help you avoid making the same errors.


Tune in to learn:

  • Exactly how long your product descriptions should be
  • Why you’re probably choosing the wrong keywords to target
  • Why product reviews are super important
  • How to deal with duplicate content issues
  • The one area of eCommerce websites that most people forget
  • How to intelligently name your product images.


About Aaron


Aaron Agius hails from Sydney and according to Forbes, is regarded as one of the world’s leading digital marketers, but as he says “I’m really a growth marketer, a fusion between: search, content, social and PR. All of these disciplines are now converging online opening up massive distribution opportunities”. Aaron is the CEO of Louder Online a leading digital agency with offices in USA, Australia and Asia. They work globally for Salesforce, IBM, LG, McAfee and scores of leading brands showing them how to produce and distribute content that drives Search & Social traffic and significant lead generation and ROI.  



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