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Dodgy SEO: 6 tricks that might put you in Google’s bad books (NEWBIE)

Dodgy SEO: 6 tricks that might put you in Google’s bad books (NEWBIE)

Why these old blackhat SEO tactics are not a good idea


Kate chats with Andrew Raso about some of the dodgy SEO tactics that rubbishy SEO companies use to try and get your website ranking. Some are old school, some are blackhat, all of them are a big fat waste of time.


Tune in to learn:

  • Why buying back links isn’t a great idea
  • Whether commenting on blog posts adds value
  • Why buying lots of domain extensions is kinda of pointless
  • The pros and cons of article submissions
  • What text you should use when linking back to your website.


About Andrew


Andrew is the co-founder and General Manager of Online Marketing Gurus, an award winning SEO company based in Sydney. Andrew writes about SEO for publications such as the Content Marketing Institute, Jeff Bullas and Search Engine Journal. He was recently shortlisted for the 30under30 award.




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