DIY SEO: Real small businesses celebrate their SEO Success (NEWBIE)

DIY SEO: Real small businesses celebrate their SEO Success (NEWBIE)
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How to get to grips with Google when you’re going it alone.


When I spoke to Rand Fishkin way back on Podcast episode 1 (when I didn’t even have a podcast and honestly just wanted an excuse to talk to Rand Fishkin) I asked him if he thought it was truly possible for small business types to do their own SEO.

He replied that yes it was possible, but they wouldn’t be doing SEO at the same level as some highly paid Search Engine Optimisation guru.

And I couldn’t agree more, we’ve had some amazing experts on this podcast already and their level of knowledge is EXTREME.

But can a small business handle the basics, even the intermediate requirements of a good solid SEO strategy?

In this episode I talk to four small business owners who have decided to take control of their own SEO. – and find out whether it’s a been a SEO success or a giant fail.


Tune in to learn:

  • What struggles each business were facing before they DIYed their SEO
  • What key learnings they have had along the way
  • What improvements they’ve seen so far
  • There number one SEO tip


About my guests


Amy Hooke


Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who helps female entrepreneurs who run a bookkeeping business feel more confident about marketing and develop a brand to suit their personality and goals.<
After bookkeeping for 20 years, she started her own bookkeeping business Off The Hook Bookkeeping, based in Melbourne, Australia. During the initial stages of setting up the business Amy learned that she loved selling bookkeeping more than doing bookkeeping. She transitioned from bookkeeping, into helping bookkeepers sell their services with confidence, and charging what they’re worth.

She the founder of Off The Hook Websites, Off The Hook Doc Solutions and Her team is made up of three local staff, including her husband William.



Mell Kettle

Mel Kettle is a communication and social media expert, speaker, author, trainer and mentor. She works closely with CEOs, thought leaders, associations and businesses to help them communicate effectively and authentically so they attract, retain and engage their customers and clients.

Mel has over 20 years’ professional experience, a Master of Business (Marketing), a Master of Public Health, and she is a past Board member of the International Association of Business Communicators (Queensland) and The Queensland Choir.



Rashida Tayabali


Rashida Tayabali Bio: Rashida Tayabali is a Sydney-based copywriter and features writer. She loves writing clever and creative content that wows clients. A mum-of-two, she likes to read, travel and wander in her imagination. 




Andrew Lau

Andrew is a multimedia professional with over 15 years of experience in various communications mediums that include film, television and digital platforms. He began his career on film and television sets, moved into digital film post-production and computer-generated graphics. For the last nine years, he has worked with digital platforms. As a copywriter and content writer, Andrew has worked with Barbeques Galore, Australian Catholic Super, Premiere Global Services Inc and Sitepoint to deliver both search engine optimised copywriting and blog content.


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