Learn how to create diverse income for your business.

Do one thing well?
Erm, nope.

​For so long, we’ve been sold the mantra of doing one thing well.

We need to specialise.

To niche.

To stay in our lane.

And avoid Shiny Object Syndrome at all costs.

But what if there was a different way?

Say ‘hello’ to
The BIZ Diversify Method

The fast track, zero-faff, fun-filled way to design, build and sell small passive income ideas for profit.



Online products



I’m Kate, a creative entrepreneur with three businesses, three podcasts, a book, a conference, a shop, two memberships and more courses than you can shake a stick at. 

I’ve made over two million dollars selling digital products in the last three years.

I’ve gone from earning 99% of my income through services, to just 1%.

My launches sell out in hours, not days.

And I sell everything without paying for a single ad.

I sound like a smug cow, but there’s hard work involved and method to my madness.

While I’m a firm believer that no passive income is genuinely passive, I’m working a lot less to earn a lot more. 

And I do it all at home, in my undies.


What you get

In my online training you’ll learn how to:


Fix up your mindset

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to make something, but never quite managed it? We’ll work out what is holding you back.

Understand awareness

Grasp the marketing basics to help you see where your product could fit into your overall strategy.

Find quick wins

Find quick ways to make small financial wins fast.

Work out your ‘thing’

Pick your core idea from a sea of sparkly objects and ensure it’s right for you and your audience.

Develop creation plan

Map out a simple day by day strategy to ensure your idea turns into a living breathing sellable thing.

Decide your pricing

Decide a realistic and profitable price for your product.

Talk tech

Understand how best to deliver your product to the world.

Marketing map

Plan how best to get your product out there to your humans.


If you’re a service-based business, this online training is for you.
I’ll show you how to liquify your brain knowledge, and pump it out into delicious chunks of sellable goodness. (That makes sense, right?)

Perhaps you don’t offer a service. Maybe your strength is a skill or an area of expertise. The good news is, this workshop is also for you.  



I’m not selling you some 7-figure poo plan. I’m not promising the world.
I am hoping that this training sparks an idea that turns into a reality. That you start your journey towards profitable online products with something small and sellable.

What a diverse income offers

 What’s that sound? Is it the PAYPAL PING? You just made a sale.

I love creating new products and trainings for my customers.
But here’s the thing. I don’t want to create anything that won’t be:

  • Wanted by my customers
  • Able to make me money
  • Super enjoyable for me to build and maintain

I’m not talking about making a 72 module e-course, or writing an 80,000 word e-book.
We’re going to start with some small things and go from there.


My approach

One thing I’m grateful for right now is my diversified income.

I’m a speaker, but I don’t make all my money from speaking.

I’m an author, but books aren’t my only income source.

I host events, but they’re a bonus, not my core revenue.

I have courses, some evergreen and some launch-based.

I have shops.

I have memberships.

And I occasionally offer coaching and could, if necessary offer my services again as a copywriter and SEO consultant.

I’m not reliant on any one thing.

And I want to help you not to be reliant on one thing.


Feel the love

I’ve helped oodles of humans get online and build great things, here are some kind words from previous students.

 I have followed Kate for 5 years and she is an absolute master at delivering on point relevant content. I’ve made my way through a few of her free and paid courses and the level of depth and detail she goes to is way beyond what I ever could have hoped for. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any course of hers to someone looking for a service she delivers.

Carly Green

Founder, Sassy Minx

Kate is by and far one of the most personable and insightful trainers I have the pleasure to have learned (and continuing to learn) from. Her style is a firm but always encouraging nudge to help you understand concepts that usually you would rather bury your head in the sand about. And once you’ve finished a lesson with her you’re given a pat on the backside and feel ready to give things a red hot crack for yourself. She injects humour and clarity into everything that she shares. Learning from Kate Toon is a non negotiable for my own development and for my business.

Korryn Haines

Founder, Encore Admin Consulting

Kate Toon is a wonderful teacher. She’s thought about everything you’ll ever need to master the tricky art of SEO, to become a gun copywriter, to win business and to keep all the behind-the-scenes mechanics of running a business tickety-boo. She’s got processes and templates for everything you can possibly imagine (and things you never thought of). Her training sessions are comprehensive, well structured, easy to follow and full of useful information. And she’s so generous with her time. She’s your secret weapon in business success.

Kate Crocker

Copwyriter, Kate Crocker Copywriter

I love learning from Kate Toon. She teaches with expertise, but not ego. She breaks things down into easily digestible steps (with enough context that things make sense, but not so much that your eyes start rolling). I completed her course as “watch and work” and in about 8 hours I had a complete, working website, with great foundations.
Cate Richards

Founder, Team Bonding

Kate is an exceptional and generous teacher. She takes complicated topics and breaks them down into small, easy-to-understand chunks. Her knowledge is vast and she delivers training with clear instructions and a solid dash of her infectious and friendly humour. After taking several of Kate’s courses, I continue to learn and benefit from them every day.
Joh Kohler

Founder, Compelling Copy

Let’s talk worries

You’re probably thinking:

There are already oodles of people offering this kind of thing.

Yes, there are. And oodles of people buying. When I started, there were quite literally no other SEO courses in the market, now there are 100s, but mine still sells out every time.

There’s room for everyone.

I don’t have any kind of audience

When I launched my big SEO course, I didn’t have a list or a Facebook group. I only had about 12 followers on Facebook. The idea is to start small. Manage your expectations and build your foundations.

I’m not smart enough to launch a thing

That’s your imposter syndrome talking. I have 200+ members in my Digital Marketing Mentoring group, and I know that every single one of them could make a passive income product. If they TRY. It’s all about the try (and the do).

I’ll never make the big bucks

I am not selling a mega-buck strategy here. I’m selling a small but beautiful strategy. The first thing I sold was a $7 copy deck template. I sold maybe one a week. It’s now five times the price, and I’ve sold thousands. We all have to start somewhere. Manage your expectations, and you’ll be fine.

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