How to Copy Adwords Ads to write better Titles and Description tags

How to Copy Adwords Ads to write better Titles and Description tags
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If you’ve completed the 10-Day SEO challenge you’ll know how powerful title tags are in the war for clicks in the natural search results.

I gave you lots of practical advice in the challenge but here’s one more tip: Check out the Adwords ads.

Remember these ads have been tested and split tested to get the most possible clicks. So if you’re seeing them, you can be fairly confident that they’re delivering some serious click action to the advertisers.

So why not use them to help you?


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How it works


Just type the keyword phrases you’re hoping to rank for into Google search.

Say: ‘Kids lunch boxes’

Then check out the ads that appear, and look for phrases they use.


Seo tips


So in this example we can see phrases like:

  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Healthy lunch
  • PVC Free
  • BPA Free

Of course you might end up with more phrases than you can squeeze into one title and meta, so save the extras for later.
Use your favourites to generate a Title tag and Meta description that work well together.



Kids’ lunch boxes: Quality, affordable and PVC free


Meta Description:

Check out <Brand name’s> top ten list of the best kids’ lunch boxes – a better way to pack a healthy lunch for your small humans.


TOON TIP: Always proof read your meta descriptions and title tags. Comment below if you can spot the typo in the meta description above.


Repeat this tactic for every page or post you create. Yes it takes some time, but remember your Title Tag and Meta are a super important part of your SEO journey!


TOON TIP: Using apostrophes doesn’t make a huge difference to your placement in the natural search results. I recommend you do use proper grammar.


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