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Human to human marketing with Jenn Donovan (NEWBIE)

  Appealing to the humanity of the masses   Have you noticed that your buying choices are often not defined by price or even product features but by how you feel about a brand? We want to buy from brands that we feel have values that are aligned with our...

Setting up successful chatbots with Dan Pinne (NEWBIE)

  Creating more profitable conversations with your customers   We all know that robots are taking over the world. If you’re a fan of Black Mirror it’s pretty clear we’re headed for a Terminator future. And while I’d like to feel bleak about that, I won’t....

How to go Viral with Rand Fishkin (NEWBIE)

  Drawing your audience in with well-crafted content   Everyone wants to go viral. (I’m doing air fingers, I know you can’t see them, but believe me.) Whether it’s for dancing on TikTok to a new catchy tune or for the perfect Twitter snipe, or a beautifully...

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