Protected: 10-Day SEO Challenge Day 6: How to optimise images for SEO

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  • Really useful article, thanks! I do optimise my alt tags (although probably not very well) but often forget to change the image file name. This is something I’ll try to start doing from now. Glad you answered the question about use of hyphens as I was wondering about that…

    • Hey Geraldine, ah so glad you liked it. The rules are pretty simple when you know them!

  • Phill Coxon

    Hi Kate! This plugin looks like it might be pretty awesome for renaming images within WordPress based on the image title.

    There’s a free version which does automatic file rename based on the image title and a fairly inexpensive pro version which allows manual renaming from within the Media manager.

    Note for anyone reading: always back up first!

  • Alison Strachan

    I have a question. Does google crawl website images (with text) with the same weight as it does H1 & H2 headings? I am helping a client with website and their main headings are part of a slider. Their logo, strapline is in the admin bar at the top, but their content is divided into product sections, FAQ sliders and repayment calculators (finance site).
    I know how important headings are for google to determine what a page is about, but if the slider has 3 x H1 & H2 headings and requires alt text meta data to match, it’s not the same is it? Should I suggest they change this?

    • kate

      Hi Alison
      SOrry for the delay in getting back to you. Google can’t read images, it can read alt tags and image file names and descriptions. So if the text is an overlay on the actual image no, Google won’t read it.
      Most sliders and image displayers allow you to have HTML copy over the top of the image. So it looks like it’s part of it, but it isn’t. See my slide on for an example.

      You can even wrap these headings in h1 tags etc
      Ideally you only want one h1 tag per page

      If you can get the to move away from the slider I would. They slow down sites, are bad for usability and generally don’t get clicked.

    • Hi Alison, so images that have text in them are not readable by google.
      The only option is to overlay HTML text over the image. This would be readable by Google

      Sliders have very poor usability, slow down sites and don’t generate clicks so I would advise against them.

      Also don’t place your H1 tag over your slider as ideally you only want one instance of a H1 per page.

      Hope this helps.

      • Alison Strachan

        Yes thank you Kate. I thought that would be the case. Just wanted your expertise on the matter. Thank you!